Tarot cards won't tell me the best way to get revenge on someone. What will?

I have an abusive a-hole that makes my life a living hell. This person is very dangerous and if I stand up to him he will break my car, break my phone etc. anything to get revenge for any perceived offences. Tarot keeps on telling me holistic stuff and to turn the other cheek to his abuse but I don’t want that. I want the most destructive method. I want to destroy his reputation and relationships. What is the best way? Every attempt of revenge I have tried has been almost useless. He knows my every move 5 steps ahead and then gets me back 10x worse. He always has to win at all costs.

That seems pretty comprehensively like the divinatory aspect is telling you to avoid conflict with this person, at this point in time.

Can you get away from him completely?

If not, read on what WOULD bring you happiness. There are rare circumstances where things are not as they seem, stay open to getting what you want by other routes,


Sometimes revenge can be living your best life around and outside of the one you want revenge on.


It’s called Baneful Magick.

Also, the I Ching is really pedestrian in its meanings.
The inner hexagrams are worth looking into.



And it will continue this way, if you seek revenge, if it is like you described. Don’t you know, that if you attack a wild animal, that it will attack back, but not run away nor give up?

There’s probably a reason, why you aren’t being shown a “best way” to get revenge. This probably is the wrong approach to the situation and that person.

If you can’t win, it’s no shame, to choose a different path. Maybe, then things will change or stop. Maybe, if that person gets nothing out of you, especially not a revenge-like reaction, in the best case, will lose their interest, or some of it and focus on someone else.

Why are you in such a conflict with that person anyway?

I think a good first approach would be divination based on whether or not attacking now would be a wise decision. For that, i ching is a great option as well as this system:

Question 9 should suffice.

Warning: slight derailment but might be part of the reason why you are getting the answers you are with tarot.

I usually view cursing similiar to waging war. While straight brutal force of a straight forward attack can knock back an enemy in certain situations, sometimes you need a less direct approach. There is a great example with Sun Tzu (the general who quite literally wrote the book in the art of war fare) with a smaller one by forcing that large army to move back and forth through more guerilla style battles. He also used other elements to distract his enemy such as spies. Overtime, this brought down the larger army to exhaustion to the point they could not defend themselves.

In terms of magic, it can be wise to build a curse with smaller working designed to weaken the target, such as vamping, confusion rituals, and bindings geared towards attacking resources. The build up of stress will crack the person’s defense over time. That is why i am fond of the Master Curse, as it has an effective layering system who’s results have impressed me greatly.

That being said, I have also learned that cursing someone you live with (if that is the case) is not a good idea. It is similiar to standing next to someone who you know is about to be hit with a mortar. Since you mentioned abuse, this would be something to deeply consider. Those who have extreme anger issues can get quite nasty when they feel like their back is against the wall. Binding, banishment (both if and if they do not live with you), and other means to get some distance, especially mundane options such as law enforcement, before striking would be a good idea for your own safety.

War is not always won by the strongest, but those who have the patience to look for opportunities (or create them) and exploit it to their benefit.


try gordon winterfields book on magickal attack or my fav angels of wrath. they work, even If they dont, the target usually goes into a depression. Even just skimming angels of wrath brought me results

This right here, along with the rest of the Art of War reference. IME, even in mundane things the suggested strategies above actually worked very effectively.

Hmm. I’m curious what deck you use, as well as your style of reading? Because it could be a matter of how you word/specify your questions, or a matter of taking a different perspective wherein you may need to interpret the cards in a non-traditional manner than what you are used to. In reading for others, at least how I read anyway, both tarot and oracle cards just are: there’s no positive, no negative, the meanings depend on the specific questions asked and the situation/context at hand. Just like how the 7 of Swords could be a “positive” when asked about one’s strengths/skills (strategizing ahead, getting that prized promotion first before anyone else using your smarts, logic infused with playfulness which makes quite the effective mix, etc.), and how the beloved 2 of Cups could be “negative” when asked about how to get revenge on someone (hit them in the relationship area, keep them very emotionally close and make them feel as if they could trust and exchange their emotions with you, emotional manipulation through eye contact, heart-to-heart convos, etc.).

If my memory serves me right, I think you also posted about using Lenormand cards back then…? Maybe try looking into using that again as well, because it’s more straightforward and so much simpler to read because its results, most times, can be very literal.

Personally, as someone who’s had quite the trip down the road of revenge and power misuse (though more towards groups of people rather than individually), while it did feel good at first to strike back every time the opportunity arose, in the end it was anything but. Ended up ultimately dragging myself down as well in the process for being so focused on getting revenge. It was ironic looking back on it, because while I did win against others, it’s at the cost of being defeated by/with myself.

Your experiences may greatly differ though, so if you’re still bent on pursuing revenge, maybe try posting/asking feedback as well about which cards exactly were in your reading? That way, others could also chime in and help you with different perspectives necessary to answer your questions.

This has worked for me, but the conditions for this type of operation were right and just…

  1. King Bael: ask (w/ humility and respect i might add) him to conceal you and your actions. It’s essential that those looking for you can’t find you. I’ve heard he can be tricky but he’s always kicked ass for me.
  2. The next night: King Vine: ask for focus and power when working your magick- you’ll need it for the next part.
  3. The Master Curse from Gordon Winterfield’s “Magickal Attack.” Yes, you’d need to shell out some cash for the book- but it’s well worth it. Trust me.

Maybe you could tame him by calling on angels. Ask yourself “why is he an a-hole?” and try to address those issues. There are many Shem Hamephorash that you could call on. Jeliel and Hariel come to mind. I started studying magic because I wanted revenge but curses that worked didn’t deal with the emotions I had about the target. Revenge was sweet but the target was still a bitch afterwards.