Tarot cards, how to dispose of them?

So i was dealing the cards and blundered by spilling a fizzy drink on them, :(:unamused: yeah that
drink probably shouldn’t have been… one card got too busted, but I’d rather not just throw them in the trash like that… how can i dispose of them properly?


I usually burn them :woman_shrugging:


If they are not salvageable, I concur with @Ethria. Burn them to release the energy.


You can sever any links to spirits and stuff using the method given here: Tutorial : Tool-Free Magick Using Your Hands

If you can’t burn them, wrap them in clean paper and place them in the trash after severing the links, if you’re not sure what to simply state you remove all ties to “the forces of magick” or however you describe this.

As an alternative, you could actually keep the rest and use them for spells, info on Tarot spells on this forum and the internet. If you still have the damaged card, keep it with the rest in the same location, in a polythene bag or envelope if necessary.


Sounds good, ill bookmark your tutorial, how come polythene though?

thanks guys. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking if the card is stilly sticky, you can still see it but it won’t damage the others.

Shred them Superfine. Then do a ritual to release them in a stream, creek, river.

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If readable and not torn to nothing you could laminate them. Not sure how that would affect them though.