Tarot cards evocation

So after my last evocation I decided I needed to better know my tarot cards so that Lucifer would have a medium of communication with me in future.
I decided to perform another evocation with my cards and an offering ask him to assist my mind in understanding the cards and their meaning as I study them.
I also just wanted to say hi to him.
I had a really interesting experience, I pulled three cards asking him to speak through them if he has anything to say.
I got the world, the ace of cups and five of swords.
Now the ace of cups is a big deal for me because it confirms that Lucifer is present, his sigil looks like a cup and so I knew in my heart I wanted a cup as a kind of confirmation that he’s here and listening, and I got it!
The five of swords and the world I’m unsure of how to interpret but I am reading up on them currently.
When I looked them up in my tarot book that came with the cards their meaning was pretty grim, it spoke of battle and how the journey I’m trying to take is not the correct one. I also initially didn’t recognize the ace of cups at first so I went online to figure out what it is.
That’s how I discovered that the cards are Marseille cards and the book that comes with them is not compatible with the cards.
I think he was giving me a heads up not to get into the book because it wouldnt help.
I’m quite excited by this, I feel like he really did show up and assist me.

Also if anyone has any interpretations of the cards they’d like to share I’m all ears.

Here’s my setup​:fox_face::blush:
I offered him orange slices, and I drew his sigil underneath the candles I placed around the oranges.
I found my Cinnamon scent diffuser, I know he likes Cinnamon. And I got the dried rose petals from my last evocation as well as the sigil from last time.
I also lit a white candle for him and gathered the crystals he’s associated with, and some that I just like.

Over all I feel like this has been successful.


Wow :heart_eyes: beautiful set up :sparkling_heart:

Looks really beautiful :black_heart: