Tarot Cards Associated With Divine Beings/Spirits

I made this topic to discuss what tarot cards or combos, everyone associates with specific Gods/Goddesses/Ancestors/Guides etc. For example, if you was doing a random spread and spotted a certain card or card combo that told you that (name of spiritual being) was present with you, I am just curious to know what cards they are? whom it is you associate the cards with and why them cards? Of course there is no right or wrong answer, this all about our own personal magical experiances/opinions etc.

I would like to ask what card(s) in a spread do you find inform you of the presence of an entity in your space, one that you do not know on a personal level? And are there any tarot spreads that anyone knows of, which they are willing to share, that reveal if any unknown spirits are present? Thank you :slight_smile:


The qabalah has specific correspondences between 72 angels and 72 demons and the numbered tarot cards. There are also decks that highlight those correspondences or that have cards for specific angels and demons. There are also decks that feature specific pantheons, thus the process you describe becomes very clear if you know with what system you are working with.
About unknown entities, I haven’t had the need to use a tarot or oracle deck to spot them, since they identify themselves if they come to teach me something or to work in my favor. If they have bad intentions, they are immediatly destroyed.


Yes I know all about the different correspondances etc, I was asking on a personal level, without the use of tables of correspondances etc, what cards do other readers in the forum link to active spiritual activity present or specific beings, from their own opinions and experiences.

Thank you for responding though, maybe I did not explain my question well enough. :slight_smile:


Morrigan- The Empress, The Queen cards, The High priestess, Magician, Death, The Star
Hekate- Death, High Priestess, Queen of Cups/Wands/Pentacles, The Star
Lilith- The Empress, The Star, Strength/Lust, Queen of Cups/Wands
Loki- Magician, The Fool, The Tower, 7 of swords, The Devil
Odin- The Hermit, The Fool, Magician, The Tower, The Emperor, Ace/King of Swords
Nergal- The Tower, The Emperor, Death
Ereshkigal- Death, The Empress, Queen of Pentacles/Wands
Pazuzu- The Tower, The Devil
Freyja- The Empress, Queen Cards, Magician, High Priestess
Frigg- High Priestess, Empress
Belial- The Devil, Magician, The Fool, King of Pentacles

I’ll add more later, getting sleepy. I’ll also add why.


Is there a reason why you’re necroing a thread from 9 months ago to reply to me with “still waiting”?

Can I help you? I’m not obligated to share anything.


I apologize if u took it in a disrespectful way, but i trust your knowledge and i would be grateful for your knowledge in this subject, because i been looking around for it and i haven’t found any reliable information. and I believe that your knowledge is indeed reliable. Also, of course you are not obligated to do anything… and i meant it as a joke. I think i should be more serious if people will get offended so easily.

*Be Blessed.

No, the better solution would be to watch how you say something.

That’s all you would have to say :slight_smile: had you approached me differently it would have went down better.


There are two major groups. The Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. They represent the Fool’s (or initiates) major steps on their journey into enlightenment, while the Minor Arcana are the smaller and really lesser aspects of their journey.

The Fool card representing the beginning of that initiatory journey, that very first step out of the door and The World representing the final step, the project being wrapped up. I could go into more detail with this but I won’t for simplicity’s sake.

So to recap, Major Arcana=Macrocosmic/Major forces of energy and Minor Arcana=Microcosmic/Minor forces of energy.

I’ll use Odin as a prime example. The spirits or gods can be related to each tarot card, especially the Major Arcana, because they are major aspects of the universe and parts of the initiatory journey.

Odin is the primary male initiatory energy of the Norse Path or Current. He’s the god of Wisdom, Magick, Transformation. But he’s also a God of Death, Vengeance, Chaos, a trickster much like Loki (some even say the same guy as Loki) and more. He’s a god of the mind and intellect. But the cards listed above also come from study of the Sagas and Eddas. Odin made a sacrifice to initiate himself into the runes, which was, simply put, him leaving his home to go on a journey to begin something new (traveling around the worlds, finding mimirs well, gounging his eye out and hanging from the tree to spy the runes)

For that part of his myth and that aspect of him, if we were to use tarot cards to contact him, The Fool would be one of the best cards to utilize. But so would Death, as not only is he a god of death but that initiatory energy is transformative, thus the death card. He is also known for often leaving Asgard alone in the form of a miserly old man in a light blue tattered cloak to receive inner wisdom and power, thus the Hermit. He’s the god of magick and the prime initiatory role, thus the Magician.

That’s just the surface of course but that’s how you get the connection between the card and the god. If it’s a god of magick then The Magician is likely your best bet there. But often times one god can be a vast number of concepts. Once you come to know the spirit and you have initiated yourself into the tarot by meditating and projecting into the cards this becomes simple.

However, tarot has several uses outside of divination and summoning. You can use them as talismans, tools for spell casting, to draw different energy into yourself, etc.


Thank you for giving me your precious time to explain it to me. I do appreciate you and your knowledge. Also, i would like to apologize again, sometimes I fail myself with the way I express my thoughts. point noted.

Again, thank you and be blessed.

Hail Lucifer, Hail King Belial.

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Of course. You’re forgiven.

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I loved your associations by the way, I only just seen your response today, you knew exactly what I was asking when I posted this thread :slight_smile: thanks for responding