Tarot app

are tarot apps reliable for divination
anyone knows a reliable windows app or a site for this

I like Tarot.com, a website, I’ve been using them for years. Even when you factor in how impersonal the readings are, I’ve still found them to be remarkably accurate, they’re a paid-for service but not expensive and worth the money IMO.

No comparison to a talented human reader, of course, but for what they charge, it’s a great service.

Plus since it selects the cards at random when you click to confirm you want the reading, you don’t have to tell it what you’re really asking - useful if it’s something too dumb or embarassing to ask a human! :smiley:

Surprisingly, yes they are. I have a few tarot deck apps on my ipad that I paid for. The Mystic Faerie tarot is one of them because I love Faerie art. I half expected it to be bullshit because how on earth could a digital app pick the right cards. Heh, boy was I wrong. So yes, they do work and I have also used Llewellyn’s book publishing website on my desktop, they offer a series of decks to choose from that you can use for free readings on their site.

D: Lucky! Every time I used the online ones, they were completely off…

i use to use random tarot app’s on ipad and i have to admit it was working, but still i prefer to use my deck, i like to see what cards are saying to me , app’s can give you some information but when you use the deck , you will feel sometimes what they mean by feeling the energy of the deck and connection you have with them ,

My digital deck xD

The Wizards Tarot, I have found very useful on my iPad.