Taroon Evocation

I made a thread serval days ago which I tell my evocation list today I did the first
I lighted no candle
I drawed his sigil and chanted his name

Once I felt his presence I asked the first question
What can you specialise?

Physic echancement mantic magick scrying hydromancy yet these are so little to our potentia

What candle and incense do you prefer

Candles blue and violet
And incense lemon, wormwood and lavender

Can you enpower my senses and third eye
I felt a building presure and a energetic matrix on my fore head

Then a clearer communication begun
He said

Must trance state

Then I asked for a chant and I got

Eyesha’man kal itz ra na ga taroon


it was a bit short and i wasnt in that deep state

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Thanks for sharing Dearest Xag

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