Taro Exercises

Taro Exercises

The cards represent energies. That’s it. Energies!

A deck for divination.

And another separate deck for talisman. Use 100% natural material, wood/glass picture frame with black cardboard background. If seen by others it’s a work of art and you’re using it to explore Karl Jung’s programmable dream theory via the archetypal imagery of the quest.

For divination, study the cards themselves. Don’t read what other people say that they mean. These are your cards. Keep an eye out for repeat symbolism.

Major Arcana :

Atu 0.

I – VII followed by VIII – XIV followed by XV – XXI.

Then The Fool again.

The Suits represent their respective energies, becoming more and more material from 1 through to 10. The Court cards represent these energies inter alia as manifest in and by people.

A Karmic spread uses twenty-one cards in three, seven card layers. Interpret I through to XXI and as three, vertical cards at a time (1 + 8 + 15 then 2 + 9 + 16; etc). It’s your Karmic spread so you workout what the three layers represent. Now, if you’ve got time and you want really deep insight into the energies at play and which are shaping circumstances then layout three, separate, seven card Tree of Knowledge spreads. Best to keep these cards separate and keep notes as to positions in your diary as you’ll want to look at these twenty-one cards in sequence again. Twenty-one card spreads are only ever for very deep issues and usually of seven months to seven years and/or multiples thereof – i.e., units of fourteen to twenty-one.

Before the beginning of your day, wash your hands, spread your cloth and spread the cards. Invoke your Higher Self to choose a card. Try to be able to close your eyes and see the card. Collect cards but put this chosen card at the front and wrong way around, just to separate it. At the end of the day try to see any themes or events which occurred and which your chosen card foretold. Keep notes.

After some months purchase The Tarot by Alfred Douglas because it’s a cheap paperback and a truly great treatise. Don’t hesitate to use a highlighter or make margin notes.