Target in love spell pulls away

Is it normal for the target in a love spell to start hating you? Did my work backfire?

Yes, it’s possible.

It usually means the target is subconsciously picking up that you are trying to manipulate them and it triggered their fight or flight response.


What do I do now? A candle spell?
He called to tell me to move on, after I thought it was working out.

The way I see it, you have two options.

The first option is to continue your love spells and hope your will is strong enough to overcome that of the target and change his mind.

The second option is to give up and move on.

Most people go with the first option, and keep throwing spell after spell at this person they claim to love, and the result usually isn’t pretty because it can completely break the target, and make them doubt the truth of their own emotions.

Love is supposed to be about making the other person happy, not forcing yourself upon someone that doesn’t want you. If you can be happy for him when he is with someone else, then you truly love him. If you can’t, then, in my opinion, it’s not love but merely a selfish want.

The better option is the second one. Give up. Not because of any ethics in regards to love spells, but because desperation and obsession kill the magick. If you can let go, and say, “okay, I’m fine without this person,” then you actually increase the chances of your love spells working because you have taken the air out of your own desperation and obsession.

Love spells and money spells are the two most emotionally charged subjects when it comes to magick because they are mosly used in desperation, and experience shows that desperation is the worst mindset for magick.

Withdraw, take a step back, and see if your previous spells are successful.


Thank you so much

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You’re welcome.

Step back for a period of about two weeks. That should give you enough time to see if your magick is working, as well as giving the target some breathing space. If you don’t see any sign within that span, then you can consider doing another spell.

The important thing during that time though is not to dwell on the success or failure of the magick. Just live your life as you would normally. When you think about the target it should be in a wistful, unattached way. One of the best things I would recommend is to throw your focus into something else, like a new hobby.


i agree with the two options laid out by @Darkestknight

i will throw out this instead of endlessly trying to win this person back and instead of walking away from someone you love (because there is reasons why you love him/her) maybe a what you could do is yes move on but do an attraction spell for someone of similar qualities there for you are moving and also attracting someone you could love as long as you can accept that the person you may attract close is a different person.( all be it with similar qualities:

just my 2 cents worth:

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Continuing to throw energy at the situation could end up leaving one emotionally drained

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One thing that occurred to me last night is that your target may already love you, but for whatever reason, *does not want to act on his feelings, * and thus the withdrawal from you.

Not everyone likes to on emotion, and I know this from experience. I’ve been in love with someone, but never acted on those feelings. I was content to simply pine from afar, even though the chances of a relationship was actually quite high.

Fear can play a big part in not giving in to emotion, so perhaps a divination could help as well.


Every condition/person displays an aspect of your own consciousness to you. He/she is a mirror. If you could authentically, without emotional strain/force, alter your beliefs to align with the desired relationship with this person, you would immediately experience it. However, our tendency to see ourselves as individuals typically causes variability and temporal uncertainty.

It is not backfiring ever: it is simply perfect correspondence.

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This. This is the same for my ex. Which is why a lot of love work seemed to do nothing for her. You know what worked best? A simple sweetening jar. Change was night and day.

My suggestion is, don’t do any more love work. Do forgiveness and healing work. And preferably, attract someone else for a while. And leave your ex alone.

Do those 4 steps and wait a couple months of moving on. When your healing work starts showing results on your ex (he reaches out to contact you, he’s warm and kind, etc) then you can do love work.


Thank you so much for your responses. Honestly I think I started to put out the wrong energy. The first day nothing happened but two days after I did the love spell he come over, acting really nice, different. but then after he left and a couple days later that’s when I started to think negative and then it went down hill from there.

so,would like to have an update about your situation…

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