Taoist Black Magick - Cursing and Hexing

Greetings everyone. Some of you may recognize me from the work I’ve done with weather magick in the Taoist system. I would like to explain an obscure form of Taoist Shadow Magick which can be used to hex someone. Within Taoist magick, a person’s shadow represents their energetic and spiritual reflection. It contains information about them and is considered a “weak spot” which can be exploited. I’m personally not an advocate for baneful workings but it’s still useful to know how they work. If a person wanted to hex someone, they would need to use “The Poison Staff” method. This involves using a walking cane or a staff that behaves like a representation of a “Yin” animal.

Within Taoism, there are animals that have Yin and Yang qualities. For cursing, Yin is needed as Yang would be inappropriate. Examples of Yin animals would be an owl, believed by the Chinese to be a bird of ill omen and a messenger of death. Another animal would be a fox, considered by Taoists to be a demonic creature that brings harmful qi. The most useful here would be the wolf, in Taoism, wolves are seen as the creatures of the underworld and they represent wickedness and evil. Whichever animal you choose, you would need the cane to have the correct head of the animal. Take, for example, my wolf head cane right here. Once the cane has been chosen, you should invite the correct animal spirit into it.

Usually, several wolf spirits are invited at once. Some Taoist masters can have up to one hundred malevolent entities living inside of one cane, it is considered a sign of power and status, the more spirits you have under your control, the more powerful you are as a practitioner. It is at this point that you can begin the spell. You need to be in close proximity to your target for this to work. Take the cane and begin to stab the targets shadow, this is known as “punching holes in the shadow” aiming for the head, the heart and the stomach these make up “The Three Dantians” Whilst this is happening, quietly mumble destructive incantations under your breath and visualize your target being hexed. Within 24 hours, the spell will begin to work. Again, I would advise that you DON’T try this but it may be life-saving if someone tries it on you. Watch your own shadow carefully.

Lord Josh Allen


If you are looking to know more, I’ve just made a detailed video on this subject.


Thank you for sharing this :+1: it’s really inspiring

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My pleasure, thank you for reading.

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Nice cane man, glad to see you’re going deeper into the art, intending to do so myself.


Thanks! The cane itself is very heavy, I had it custom made earlier this year. Good luck with your journey.