Tantra sex spell

Just wanted to share this for all of you. Please keep me updated on how this works, if you try it. From “Practicals of Tantra and Mantra”


Have u tried it .?

Which page, i got book i tink section 2 but i got a od boo and isding pages.

How does it pronounced?

Just moved this thread over to the right catagory.

@Kaamdev thoughts ?

OM Shive bhagve bhage-bhage bhagam, shomay-shomay, Mohay- Mohay, Chaaday-Chaaday, Kleday-Kleday ( D is pronounce as ‘th’ in the word feather) kalim sharire OM Fatsvaahaa!


Any record of it working mate ?

Thank you. What does it mean?

Never tried brother.

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Please dont get carried away. Thats all i can say

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Not getting carried away mate . Just curious. Thanks for the heads up :+1: