Tantavalerion— Emperor of Demons?

In the Book of Oberon, a figure called “Tantavalerion” is listed as the “Emperor of hellish spirits.”
Any of you worked with him? Know any information about him?
Just curious.



I saluted Tantavalerion that way when I had an encounter with him. He smile and looked away. He made it known to me that his awesomeness, terror made humans gave him those titles.

Believe me, you, he’s a terror. He is even fair in words and act compared to one of his ministers he left with me. That one growls continuously…he keeps saying, “No more question and answer”.

Tantavalerion is a big Spirit, a Luluar (Demon). Terrible and Powerful. So different terrifying titles are given to him.


Utterly terrifying…

though what about Sanatas, the One True King of Demons? (title given by V.K. Jehannum) both entities’ titles seem quite contradictory- could one be an aspect of another?

Or could the title “emperor” be given out of fear, not actually reflecting hierarchy


@luxfero You can get in touch with sanatas someday???

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First time to hear this name, so I did a quick scan now, “What type of being is Sanatas?”

I first saw three old black caves, the third cave is the biggest and my sight was set upon that (not by myself); the entrance of the caves has very deep darkness, and the inside of the cave is awesomely dark. The vision cleared.

I saw another sight: Something like a mist with sword in it’s midst and below this mist are the caves. Then the mist disappeared. Darkness was all that I could see.

The next thing I saw is a hand that waved at me. And I was like, “Oh he could feel the energy work I’m doing, digging into life”. The waving hand vanished.

With this scan results, I can tell that this Sanatas is a great powerful being. Dark side. But I will need to call him to really get more information.

Sure, I’m more interested now.

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This is what V.K Jehannum says regarding Sanatas/Sanasatas from his gnosis : - Do let us know about your experience with this entity.

Most people are not ready to work with Sanatas or Sanasatas. Most of my initial experiences with Sanasatas were brought on by other people he was interested in working with, but later, he began showing an interest in me as well. He asked me to write this article.

Sanasatas is a glorious spirit of universal power. He should be called on for protection, grand alchemy, planar travel, and macrocosmic alchemy. Call on him to establish your will and desire in their many forms, but only when great change is needed. Ensure that you grant him the utmost respect and worship should you choose to pursue a relationship with him.

Do not fear Sanasatas, or he will turn on you. He is more wicked than Sanatas, but less violent and more approachable. While Sanatas dislikes being summoned and should only be called forth as guided by Arachne, Sanasatas can be summoned more frequently.


So according to VK Jehannum, Sanatas agrees to be summoned, already Sanasatas he doesn’t like to be called. (in case I have confused, someone correct)

It’s the other way around. Sanatas doesn’t like to be called and should be only summoned via the guided method of Arachne (The spider goddess) and Sanasatas can be summoned frequently once contact is initiated.


Thanks for fixing it!