Talking to people from the past, possible?

Little story: I watched my friend who is a magician his video and there were three videos of them. In all of the three videos I talked to him and he gave answer back, if I wanted to ask: are you going to drink and he would answer in the video no Tim (my name) we’re not drinking. On the second vid he was about to go to the gym and I asked him if he was going to the gym and my friend in the video said: “Yes Tim I’m going to the gym and I know you’re in the car” which was very true.

He literally stated to me that that’s how you communicate with people from the past.

Past as in long dead or past as in from like high school? If the former you can evoke their true self/soul and talk to them but that life they lived would be a past life for them.

I’m trying to evoke Lucifer pre-downfall era.

Past as in people live their present lives but only in the past. It’s kinda tricky hopefully you get it.

Then just evoke him lol. It wasn’t a past life for him it was him as he is. Just evoke him and talk to him about his fall. Seems like you’re making something unnecessarily complicated then it should be lol.

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