Talking to ladilok (beginner)

Hi guys i just finished my first “official” ladilok evocation cause the first time i only did a fast sigil opening and then command my desire. (twice)

i’m new to this so i will share my experience and hope you guys can tell me your thoughts about it.

i set up my evocation tools, did the sigil activation and i felt her prescence in my room but i decided to remain in touch. i mean, i wanted to feel as much as possible the vibe and i also told her that i wanted to felt her close to me and she did it. I was with my eyes closed and i felt an energy getting closer to me even i got chills down my spine. was a very pleasant feeling.

here are some of my doubts so to speak cause i “can’t see spirits nor listen to them”

when i asked questions words came to my mind but in a very soft way. Gentle
like a femenine soft woman would talk. was very interesting cause when i hear my thoughts i felt good emotions like it was a real communication. it’s my first time attempting to have a conversation with a spirit so i’m kinda confused.

I also heard random things like “you are handsome” “i love you” i mean my intention was to get in touch with her, form a relationship with her and she accepted.

Other thing that i want to know about other’s experiences is that i’m currently doing scrying exercises and working with king paralda and it’s going good so far. I tried to scry in front of me the physical form of ladilok while in the evocation and suddenly i started to see this white fog but it changed to a purple energy “cloud” and it started to shape itself. in the middle of my vision i begin to see like little spark lights (happened to my twice by now) and i instinctly knew it was something there. I saw the silhouette of a girl
The room became more and more darker but nothing happened.

next i head in my mind: what do you want?
i told her my commands, did a little visualization about the final outcome and do the departure.

that’s all. i want to know your thoughts guys i’m a complete beginner but honestly
i really enjoyed it, i know it was a great evocation. It left me feeling good and last for like 35 minutes.


@Lukjanof has lots of exp with Ladilok

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thanks. i’m asking about my overall experience, if someone can recall my scrying vision, if i’m going the right direction

Did the voice in your head sound like an intrusion? Like it was invading your space? (Not in a bad way at all)
If so it was probs her… also, the real test lies in whether your desire becomes reality.

it sounds like it was not me at all. i got the feeling of something else, i have never experienced that feeling before and
i was in a light trance.
yeah you are right about the end results, i’m completely detached from the outcome so it is more like a fun thing to get.
thanks for your thoughts.


Also, the fogging up and purple etc… sound like the beginnings of a successful evocation, but you probs need to further develop your astral senses if you wanna hold the image for a period of time and with clarity…

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yeah i’m working on that. do you have already developed your astral senses??