Talking to a tree

A few years ago I started to talk to the universe and to this tree that’s right outside my window. Most nights I would cry out to it and talk to it as if it could hear me. Sometimes I even hugged the tree and held my palm on it just to feel it.
I stopped doing that because I wasn’t as sad about the things I talked about.
After all that talk and stuff it felt like I had a connection to it.
Just a while ago I felt like I needed to give thanks to the universe and also to the tree.
I didn’t feel alone talking to it again, I felt love and safe. I for some reason told the tree ”I love you” and ”I miss you too”. I had a strong urge to hug it but I just wanted to go to bed which I did instead. It’s something about that tree but I have no clue what it is.

How come I have such a connection to this tree?
I didn’t find much about tree spirits which would be nice to know about and if it’s one of them I have a connection with.
Am I the only one here talking to trees?


Trees are well known for their ability to transmute energies, particularly that of negative emotions. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with tree spirits (as in spirits that live in trees) but the tree itself. They are, after all, living beings deeply connected to the Earth. That is why some teachers recommend meditating with your back against one.

It sounds like that specific tree is a good friend. My advice would be to meditate with it. Hugging a tree is also a great way to ground yourself and to heal, because it connects you to the Earth, from whence your physical self comes, and to which it will return one day.


I’m thinking Buddha under the Bodhi Tree right now.

And I agree with everything said above.


Thank you for this information, I love reading about these things. I’m glad I found this place, I’ve learned much since I came here


I love trees. I talk to them when I hike. I have a few old trees that I talk to in particular and they’ve become friends. That’s cool that you have formed such a potent bond with that tree. Maybe meditate with it and see if it talks to you?


I will talk to the tree more, it makes me feel better. Have they talked to you?

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I did this one time when I was playing centurion at university. The last thing I remember was talking to a willow after the 76th shot.

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Trees are alive and some have been around for so many years. They’ve seen many things and their roots are all connected in a network. I see trees have such a huge aura as well. They are energy, they create oxygen and give life. I watched this video on you tube called “there are no forests on earth” about a year ago…it vanished off you tube but i found it again last night. It’s so good. Watch it. You will understand.


Lol, you should watch me take a walk. I talk to trees, ponds and the air. It looks silly to most people but most people don’t regard spirits as something to honor.

In other words, the tree’s spirit(s) (likely a dryad or the fae) probably likes you.

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I’ve made special connections to trees before. It was magickal.

I literally hug trees.


One time I was meditating on a tree and I legit felt it breathe confused me so much


Thank you and I will watch it

Yeah it feels good

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Oh wow, that’s cool. I’d be confused too

I don’t recall if I have ever spoken aloud to a tree, but I have been communicating telepathically with them for a long time. Usually with trees I am very close to, which have been near my home or friends homes. I respect their wisdom. They are magnificent beings.


I have a bond with linden trees, cant explain it, its just so. I talk to other trees too, I love all trees. To me they seem strong and wise, somehow loving, soothing even. I say hello to a tree if I pass by it lol (not out loud of course, people think I`m weird enough)

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Trees are amazing