Talismans of Counter Creation

So recently i created 2 Talismans of counter creation, i took some advice from ea to make it not about the talismans itself but about my own power. It has been going very well i feel a steady growth in my own power at all times with sometimes this growth spicking depending of the time of day. Its very refreshing and apparent. I am evolving at a very noticeable rate over the days currently.

Its so good in fact i made a little project in which i will craft 100s of them myself and plant them all across the country for now.

If you guys have any experiences with it, so please share it.
Blessings to all of you


Update 21 are ready, i will wait till i got 100 ready before i start the 2 week long consecration process

Update 200 are now within the 2 week long process till they are plantable.

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Update i noticed everything around me is getting heavily magickally charged.
Also i am unable to sleep longer then 6 hours now i wake up fully energized by that time and cant bring myself to sleep longer no matter how hard i try.