Talismans and Amulet Charging

Okay would just like to have some simple points clarified that i am unsure about

If i create a Talisman or Amulet during the waxing moon it will draw that word or idea towards the talisman(Energy/Idea/Word etc)

If i create a Talisman or Amulet during the waning moon it will repel that energy or idea…eg evil

Is this correct ?

Also if i charge a Talisman/Amulet for protection during a waxing moon it will draw protection to me
But if i do the same during a waning moon it will repel protection and do the opposite?


There’s no real wrong way to go about it compared to some official rules, it’s more what it means to you. If moon phases have meaning to you, and that meaning aligns with the intent of your magic, use it.

Pay more attention to personal meaning. If you’re unsure of something, that’s probably an indication it’s not the best thing to use according to your paradigm.

Keep looking until you find something you absolutely know is perfect without a doubt. Any magic done with those personally perfect elements will be a lot more reliable.

Okay Great! ,
Thanks Cusp

What The Cusp said - and if you’re working from a specific system, do what the book or teacher says, and if they don’t mention it then that means it’s not important.