Talisman which help the summoner

Is thing like that exists? I was hear about Solomon ring but I would like to made it by myself. (If exist of course.) :smiley:

A talisman to help the summoner do what?


To summon easy and made spirit more friendly. Something like devil tail (I am joking with that. There is a story - this is not autentic folc story about a guy who managed to break away a devil tail and get power to control.) Maybe something like this should exist in some tradition.

There is no single talisman that does that.

However, within certain systems, there are devices that are used as symbols of the magician’s Divine authority. For example, the Ring of Solomon, in Solomonic magick, is consecrated in the name of God, and is used as both a protective shield and as a symbol of the magician’s right to command the spirits.

In the system of EA’s grimoire, Kingdoms of Flame, there is a protective symbol called the Seal of the Sorcerer which is used in a similar way to the Ring of Solomon. The magician wears it around his neck, and shows it to the spirit as a symbol of his authority to summon them.


I love your answers. Will find this symbol. :slight_smile:

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As far as I am aware, the Seal of the Sorcerer is only for use with the particular system of Kingdoms of Flame. It doesn’t apply to any other spirits, but if you search the forum, I’m sure it has been posted somewhere.

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Here is a picture of the Seal of the Sorcerer. It is the triangular one at the top:

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Thanks. Long time ago I had idea to reconstruct the tale which I mentioned above. To made black devil with a tail from some material and ritually to brake away the tail but decided this would be too funny and wouldn’t work. :smiley:

Also, now this isn’t recommended for beginners but I’ve seen it, you can tattoo the seal of the sorcerer on yourself, I’ve seen that tattoo but you need to have a relationship with the KoF spirits I would say as it comes from it. I heard it does help but of course, the cost is that it’s always active.

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I want topic to be more informative and I adding additional info. A very decent person gives me hint to use dragon’s eye symbol:
I will go normal talisman but also did this:
Colors are random and changes every second.

If you’re looking for a key to make a certain type of spirit do whatever you want then sure.

Similar in concept to how the grand grimoire has you make a pact with lucifuge for the obedience of the spirits in it, if you can make a spirits boss cooperate with you his sigil in the room can be all you need to control a spirit. Or just a much stronger spirit at your back will also work if you can’t get its boss.

On the other hand if you’d like to get more direct, you can mess around with the current of whatever and make it subservient by altering it.

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