Talisman vs. Sigil

Hi all,

I’m currently in the process of launching an unconventional but enjoyable small business project. A badass partner for this project would increase the chances of its success exponentially.

As a general consensus, which of these options is likely to yield the fastest and most satisfactory results for finding a suitable business partner?

A) Drawing a sigil (I’ve had tremendous success meeting specific people with sigils, but I feel I’m too invested in the matter at hand to be able to properly cast one)

B) A kabbalistic talisman a la Modern Magick (this would be my first time working with talismans

C) Petitioning a spirit, aka King Paimon (in retrospect I probably should have done this first before typing all of this lol. whoops.)

D) Mundane efforts - avenues a muggle/sane person in a similar circumstance would pursue, like posting on an entrepreneur forum or some shit

Thank you for your time!

You could do any of the above but what I would do is choose an entity that specializes in your current need. Summon them and ask for assistance. Have a piece of jewelry with their seal and ask them to empower it with their essence to help accomplish your goal. This will work for you both if they agree because they’ll get recognition and people will SEE it all the time. But be clear on how long you’ll be wearing it.


Thank you!


I need it please