Talisman identification

Can anyone tell me what this symbol on my talisman is? I believe when I purchased it, it said it was from Solomon but it

was long ago and I now forget. Also if anyone can explain the meanings of the smaller symbols inside of it?

Its either for luck, love, or wealth. They sell them at my local magick shop. I know they have that particular one and they only have them for those three purposes in stock.

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They look like personal sigils and very modern to me.

The sword at each outer point is also called a zion translated as “fuck” from Hebrew. You have the bent over butt at the top left, aka heart.

While the top right, resembles the four worlds and underworld as found on the Hierophants left hand wand in the esoteric Tarot decks. Using a hexagram, one is typically dealing with the planets and sephiroth where as the pentagram typically deals with the elements and the zodiac.

Ah very informative, thank you very much!!

Alrighty, thank you!

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