Talisman has the power of love


From Forum; المـدرسة الـروحانية الـكبرى - مملكة الشيخ الدكتور أبو الحارث للروحانيات والفلك

This talisman has the power of love. Who ever will wear it opposite sex attracts and will win the love of others, and in some cases it is observed that this talisman is so strong that to bring back your lost love. who ever will wear it the personality of the wearer and where ever the wearer of this talisman will go his presence will attract every one. If you are in your workplace or have enemies around you, you will see your boss and even enemies will start liking you and things will change, as they were never before. In short we can say that this Talisman for Love and Attraction will work in your home, in your office, and at anyplace.
Light incense corresponding to Venus. And light a red or white candle.
After sunrise on Friday. Draw the talisman. with a new unused black pencil.
wear it with you.


Where did this talisman come from? You say that it has been known to have certain affects, but if this came form somewhere else, due to copyright issues we really need you to cite a source. :slight_smile:

We also tend to be more willing to try things, if you can tell us about you’re experience with it, how it affected your targets or life and your magical practice. Is there anything it conflicts with energy wise, what can the user expect if they open it like a seal etc. :slight_smile:

I was able to reverse image source it back to a facebook post and from there it gets a bit wonky, so I can’t assume this is your work based on what I found. :slight_smile: But either way would like to hear about your personal experience with it and why you are sharing it :slight_smile:


Thank you for your explanation.
I am from the Netherlands.
my English is not so good :grin:

And sometimes I don’t immediately understand the rules on the side.

But the talisman is indeed from an Arab forum with a magician who specializes in Arabian Magic.

It contains names of djinss^^ ( from Venus) that you can attract .

Your intention is important in this. While writing the talisman as I described it.

So focus on what you would like it to do.

It can be Love, prestige, beauty
and more happiness in life.

For me it affects my mood.
I notice that there really was a difference in a good sense.

Arabian magic describes almost the same as the Western view of what Venus represents.

That’s what you should keep in mind. Venus is important in this.

I hope you understand what I want to convey.

If it is not allowed, I will delete this immediately.
Please give me your advice here.


Not if it’s out of copyright, although it still isn’t a bad idea.

If it’s from a forum, then I’m not sure copyright applies, unless it’s from a published work.


The talisman was presented by the magician.
And it has been made publicly available to everyone.
I speak the Arabic language.
Everything is in Arabic, you can use the translator.
There is a lot out there about planetary magic e ect.
in the east the magicians work more often with djinss.
The magicians who do work with demons are seen as the magicians of the black art.
This is magic for black things.
Like making someone sick.
Divorce a happy couple ect

And got it from the next Forum; المـدرسة الـروحانية الـكبرى - مملكة الشيخ الدكتور أبو الحارث للروحانيات والفلك


Hmmm has anyone tried this yet?

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This one looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Trying this today .i bought those new unsead pens just for this.i dont havs the incense but i have the the white candles

So im making two talisman one for beauty amd one for the intwnt of the love of an specific person .should light two candles at once?and i should let them burn all the way down right?

Right now its 7:58pmonce the clocks strikes 8:13pm(the hour of venus where i live )im going to start doing it

They haven’t posted in 2 years. I doubt you’ll get an answer.

Thanks i should really familiarize myself with the indicator that shows when someone was last here.clicked on his profile and it showed"1d"so i assumed he was last seen 1day ago.but now that i clicked to open his full profile i saw when he was last seen.regardless im still trying it.do you think it would be too much too open a new thread to report myresults and to see if anyone else had any experience with the talisman?

This thread still pops up when you comment so I doubt you need to make a new one. Wait and more people might chime in.

Your ritual sounds solid to me.

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