Talisman Creation Guide Please?

Can anyone provide me with simple guide in Talisman creation?

I wish to create something that can perhaps benefit my attempts to Astral Project, or other practical benefits.

Ahhh I have just come across a pdf ebook of How to Make and Use Talismans - this should suffice.

If anyone has any examples of Talismans they have made to share, such would be appreciated as inspirations!

I did this once.


Cool, so they are kinda like sigils except it can use more than one sigil, very fascinating indeed…

Regardie’s book is brilliant to take you straight from knowing nothing, to making really effective talismans, and you can include your own powerful imagery, I love them and often go hunting online just to admire other people’s ingenuity. :slight_smile:

There’s a grimoire known as The Black Pullet which focuses on talisman creation.


Thank you Apparition!