Taking you back: How was it the first time?

I would like to take you back, to the first time you felt you are doing a “real” ritual. It may have been not necessarily the first time you tried or worked with magick, but one, that seemed like a milestone to you. How was it? How did you prepare? Tell us about the way up to the ritual, or during it. Your preparations, your insecurities, the mishaps, the surprises, anything you would like to share and think may be interesting to read!

I’m gonna do the start!

I got in contact with magick the first time about 6 years ago, and did at that time some ritual. However, it was only about 2 years forward, where I feel, that I truely dived deeper in it and did a more proper approach. Not, that the first one wasn’t a full ritual. It was, but, let’s say, I didn’t really understood what I’m doing back then and what everything means.

I had some very little manifestations the years before, which seemed to be related to Lilith, for some reason. As example, one night I woke up to some sound and there was in my bedroom, with all windows closed, like a strong wind (it’s said Lilith manifests as wind) above me, which stopped after some seconds.

So, I wanted to figure out, if I can call Lilith and maybe receive some answers or generally find something out or make a connection of some kind. The weeks before, it did become like an obsession to her, so I decided to do a proper ritual. I wanted to do it properly, with all kind of tools and items like a magickian may use.

I started researching, what I will need and looked up a witches store in the next bigger city, where I would been on that weekend. Never had visited such a store before. I go in and there’s a witch behind the counter - she was a mature woman, which definetely had that aura of a witch, that air on her.

I approach and say, I want some things for a ritual. I did research somewhat before, and knew, that I want probably to buy some specific oils and scents, some candles, maybe even a desert flower, which I had all researched that Lilith would like. But, I had no real idea, what of the stuff I really should look for. The store weren’t big, but still somehow overwhelming. As example, there was a section with so many small bottles of different oils, maybe 70 or even more, that I really felt lost!

We talk a little and I ask, if she has any books teaching magick and such. She goes behind a curtain and comes back with some books. I didn’t buy however any of them, because I felt they were too basic and would provide little value. And actually, after that, she actually said that too, that I would be better helped with something else.

She then guides me through her little store and shows me literally almost everything she has, explains to me what it is for, how it’s being used usually and what to pay attention for. How this or that tool is being used she has there. For some things, which I should chooce over another, depending on the purpose and so on. I learned a lot from her that day.

I picked some oils with her help, as she asked for which entity I want to use them and what I would like to achieve with them. Not all of them where exactly the ones I thought should buy. I picked some candles, in the colors representing the magickal purpose, some tools, stuff to burn incense and so on.

She had even that desert flower, which I wondered where I would get such one!

As she were packaging the stuff, she gave me more advice on different things how to work with what I bought. Like, she told me, I should pay attention to the moon, do rituals on a growing moon when I want to see improvement, shrinking moon for diminishing results, scent the candles with the oil from bottom to top or the opposite direction depending on the outcome I wish and so many more.

That was kinda the first time I got nearly everything that would be needed by a magician and the first time I actually went so really shopping for magick. Spend alltogether almost 60 EUR for everything, and it was a lot I got.

I got home and some days later, I started doing the ritual at night. I created a huge protection circle on the ground from salt. She had told me earlier how I should “open” and “close” the circle for myself to get safely in and out of it. I did all that. I paid attention to have a growing moon, as she suggested and scented the candles with oil properly, stated the intent for each candle and color and so on and progressed with my ritual, burning the incense, meditating, doing the spell and then laying ahem… naked… on the ground within the circle, applied the dragonblood oil on me, and invoking Lilith, giving her the desert flower as offering. It was a huge success, as I felt her energy manifesting around me.

After about an hour or some more after the manifestation, I closed the ritual and went sleeping, not too fond to clean up as it got already very late, until the next morning.

Now the next morning, I would see my mishaps! It’s really difficult to clean up salt from the ground, especially if there’s some gotten inside small fissures on the wood floor. I needed to do that next time better! The candles would stand perfectly, but still some wax fell on the ground… horror to clean up. Next time I would put something below them to avoid the wax on the ground. And as if that wasn’t enough, I accidentally hit over the bowl with the water I put the desert flower in and had the water all over the ground, mixing with the salt… AWESOME JOB, JIMY! :rofl: