Taking people's memories for your own benefit?

Hello peops,

So I recently just learned to travel to the causal plane, and the causal plane is the plane of memories right. When you travel to someone’s memory, you can literally be the witness of their lives be the observer. I was wondering if you can take their memory, as in share it. For example, let’s say this person was smart af in school, he studies hard and gets good grades. Would you be able to steal the memory of this person, so you basically have the memory of what he studied, so you can be as smart as he is?

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To access another’s experience, completely free of noises (because you’re talking about very precise and whole knowledge), I think is very difficult.
Given that you can actually access the plane of memories as you said, I think you would be able to learn from instances of memories which give you insights and clarification but no I don’t think you can steal someone’s intellect if you don’t already have substantial knowledge or contenplation to anchor the information in. In my experience, knowledge bleeds in the few seconds after you wake up, only a fraction remains.


I mean if we get the spiritual momentum going. And really ground the information in you when you return to your body then it’ll probably be possible right?

I’ve never accessed another’s memory intentionally so I’m not sure, but I derive most of my spiritual knowledge from dreams so I have some experience about anchoring knowledge. You have to do it very fast right after waking up, the bleeding is very fast, like 80% gone after 3 seconds. If you’re lucky you can also recall it in a short timeframe afterwards.

Still, I’ve not been able to retain 100% of precise information (mathematics, melodies, strings etc). So, goof luck but whatever you learn or you think you learn, check carefully

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Alright man thanks. I’ll experiment with this.

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Good luck! I’m also curious what you can achieve from this :wink:

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haha, we’ll see man we’ll see.

A lot of stuff goes into creating memories, particularly experiences of the senses by that individual. While you will view the knowledge you wont have had the same experiential imprint for it to hold so for you it will be the same as simply studying a book. You’ll remember some thing but not the everything.


Hmm that’s fair.