Taking my work to the next level

Okay. Two things

  1. I am sorry i have not been around enough to focus on healing and scanning and I am behind. Had to move for a 3rd time, changed states somewhat. And work has changed, got a raise and good work hours…

  2. Same as above but with my class…havent had enough time to really focus on it…buuuttt

Since I have been working on my music, I had a thought. I am going to be working on a series of meditation, healing and development music.

I am starting a series of tests and questionnaire to get feed back and refine the process, so anyone who is interested in helping me with this. Pm me.

Also, post suggestions for the type of development and effect you are looking for. Start simple and we will build from there.


You’ve been missed, you god-botherin’ badass! :smiley:

Healing ancestral curses, wrongs commited by/against ancestors, scars left by slavery when perpetrated against several generations of the same family (as it very often was, and still is). :thinking:




How about giving general peace and taking care of fear?

Like asuading fear

That we can work on

396 hertz works with removong fear, should be simple enough

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Sweet :+1:

What about something to bestow a sense of calm and wellbeing? To aid in relaxation?

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Working on that as well


I have some made for ap if anyone wants to test it out. I ask that you listen to it for a week every day. About 10 minutes back to back, its about 4 minute loop so just hit it on repeat.


Where can one find them?

I posted it on my discprd

How can you control your emotional state and change your belief systems?

Breathing exercises for one and the latter takes time and effort

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Thx any other advanced techniques or is that it?

The most advanced technique is following the forum rules and making an introductory post in the new magicians section.
Who are you, your background, areas of interest, etc.
First steps to greatness my man.