Tabula Mundi deck

I feel inexplicably drawn to the Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus tarot deck. Has anyone here used it?

It seems to be very powerful, full of information, and interconnected with other cards. I get a much better vibe from the deck than from the Rosetta Tarot or the Thoth Tarot. And interesting thing is the Tabula Mundi accesses Golden Dawn and Crowleyan tarot correspondences and characteristics.

But wanted to hear what others have to say.

I recommend the Marty Blake Dog Tarot , if only for it’s symbolism and numerology. The Tarot Erotica Cards or the Tarot of Casanova are right up my alley – so to speak. The Bohemian Animal Tarot and the Jesus Cards decks are some of my favourites. All these decks and many others are used by poseurs pushing agendas and damaged, idiosyncratic wankers. Shit like the Housewives Tarot just turn my guts.

Why not the Toilet Tarot?

Suits : Cubicles, Urine Troughs, Flush Systems and Wash Basins.

Major Arcana : The Under The Door Limbo-Dancer, the Blue-Eyed Fart, Piss Queen & King, the Teen Hierophant, etc.

On the back of said cards I’d have a picture of a public toilet with faeces in the bowl, on the rim, up the front of the water tank and walls with the caption: God is Everywhere.


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