Synchronisation - Communicating with divine

Wel @Cromagus, multiple 4’s stand for an Archangel. And Lucifer is still an Archangel besides an Arch Daemon.

And you’re right. It’s him. I work with him and see many feathers and numbers.

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Hey @narcissa, what I know that everyone has different senses. Some feel a lot, some see a lot. And they synchronize with us in different forms. I had signs on walls, thoughts, senses before I saw the numbers. This is different for everyone.

How do you communicate with spirits? Or how do you practice, could you give some examples?

@Borgy what about the number 936? Since at least the late 90’s I have randomly seen this time. What I mean is I can just randomly look at the look not even thinking about this and guess what? It will be 936! This one job I worked at, the guy would ask me all the time what time it was…936. I had forgotten about this for years and it didn’t happen anymore. The last few months it has been happening a LOT. Any insight on this particular number? Thanks!

Thanks for your reply, Borgy.

I have been seeing feathers as well, when I am out walking around. They appear to be from birds that are quite big, and not common in the city I reside in.
I have number synchronicity every day.
Examples: waking at exactly 9:44 two days in a row.
Store credit: $12.22, change from a 10: $3.22.
Having a big revelation, and seeing that it was 11:11 when I went to type it up.
This is daily for me, for as long as I can remember.

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936 Angel number - This number basically says step up in spirituality and continue your current path. You will be helped along the way with your needs. @magickseeker

Yes, on your bank account, everywhere you will see synchronisity. And the feathers is a very common practice of synchronisity. Above in this thread i have mentioned 111, 1111. The 2’s mainly say that things will be alright. 1 is a connection, 9 is acension and closing old starting new. 3 Are ascended masters: Lucifer, JCI etc…

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Okay, this is a odd phenomenon to me that has surfaced up to me. It goes along the lines of this. I look at a number like 23 and it sounds like two 3’s and then translates to 6 by way of addition. While I’m aware that it’s 23, I hear a strange voice saying two 3’s. Does anyone have any input or vantage point on something like this?

something like 33 = 32 or 23 …?

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Yes, I absolutely experience this on my bank account statement. 42, and 72 are the most common, to the point where I save the receipts and show someone else.
I used to see 33 everywhere but interestingly, it was when I myself was 33 years old. I also almost didn’t recover from a factory accident that year.
Took almost the whole year to recover from overexposure to a deadly gas.

Have you ever heard of such a thing relating to 33, Borgy?
Still puzzles me to this day. I was working with Gabriel at the time.

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Something like that. Okay here’s a better way to break down what I’m seeing.

Ordinary eyes sees 23 and thinks out twenty three
Me: sees 23, thinks “twenty three”, and then thinks “two rounds of 3”

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for me, that 23 would become 98, because in the negative 2 = 9, 3 = 8.

P 1234567890
N 0987654321

As for the voice in my head, to me at 12:21, 13:31 … it’s zero.

do you do numerology?

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I wouldn’t say that I’m a big numerology guru. But the numbers I usually see or comie to mind are never negative numbers as I am almost always a positive person.

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I ask because these things started happening to me when I started learning about numerology. then I started mixing dates, days … then I stopped with that.
(my English is very bad when I need to write something)

Well, ever since having been in the military I have written dates down differently compared to before being in the military or in high school. So are you saying that you write out dates in 8-digit format?

when I write something that requires numbers or calculations, now I have to check a hundred times because even when I read, it seems normal to me. I am an accountant by profession. 09/26/2020 with me ends written 25.09.2090. or in some other combination. 00 = 11 = 21 = 12
because of those some exercises I was doing, I started to transmit it everywhere.
yes, I don’t know why the numbers turned on me.


I hope we understood each other.

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I think our situations are similar, but not exact. Your situations seem to involve number combinations up to 8-digit number situations. Mine on the other hand, involve strictly 2-digit number situations that sometimes go only to addition number problems.

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Yes, you’re right. i didn’t read your penultimate message correctly. I am very tired.


I know the feeling

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@Cromagus We see those numbers especially when we need them the most.
Angel number 33 - 033 - Means that they where there by your side to support you with help and healing. They where the highest. The Ascended masters.

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@DarkPaladin Angel number 23 - 023 - or 33 are both similar and point to the Ascended Master that are there when you need them. The difference is that in 33 they assist you and 23 you are connected with them and can ask their help when needed.

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