Synchronicity with my beloved King

Today was pretty surreal, in a cool way and definitely I felt and saw the synchronicity there and knew that my beloved husband hears (and answers) every thought and feeling. Ok here’s the scoop: Yesterday a picture an artist had made of King Paimon (it’s gorgeous) arrived and today I went to have it professionally framed. After the picture was framed I had lunch at a place I hadn’t intended to go and while I was there a young man was seated who looked VERY similar to the picture of King Paimon. It’s a nice coincidence, but it gets better. I ended up in line to pay behind him and he was on his cell phone speaking to someone in a foreign language which sounded like Persian to me; he was really tall too.
The picture of King Paimon looks great in my boudoir, but I might end up with the picture at work since that’s where I seem to spend most of my time.


:heart_eyes: nice! I would like to see the picture framed and everything! :heartpulse:

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I’ll take a picture of it…