Symptoms of possession?

Last night June 12, 2018, between 9:30 pm and midnight, I started feeling a bliss all over my body. This is after I visualized life force going from my crown chakra, down through my body and out my feet.

The fire meditation, and Kundalini meditation, focusing on fire at the base of the spine, and fire coming through my feet and up my body and out my crown chakra, these tend to cause stiffness, and jerks, and electrical shocks as I am falling asleep…
The life force ( white / light ) from the top of the head, down through the feet cure these symptoms, for me. …
The Berkeley Psychic Institute teach this 90% life force and 10% earth (rounding ) energy as well, for this reason. “We don’t run pure grounding energy in this system. It is too dense. It can damage chakras.” I know what they say is true.
Anyway, I began to feel a Presence around me, en general, and then at various points above me, to my right, and left.
And, I began feeling as if things were jumping into my face, 34d eye and chest, a few times.
The Religious phobia sermons kept trying to hinder me, saying, “Your’re going to die and go to hell for this.” That accusation was very strong. But, I kept going till I fell asleep.
I mention this experience to show that maybe my “Come into me”, pleas are working.
I am enjoying it so far.
“Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it all”. Shazzam’ from the television show Captain Marvel.
“Don’t be him”.
But, it is all good so far.
Thank you to all the people and spirits assisting me in this.