Symbols of power in itself

Started tattooing and have done a few tattoos on myself now, want to know. What to know which symbols (sigils) carry power within it self. Done lucifer’s sigil above my left knee will do all demonic kings up the side of my left leg and all 72 goatia demons (pictures of them not there sigils) over my entire right leg. Want to know what els I should do that may bring significant change to my path to god hood

Runes have innate power but you need to have a working knowledge of the system and some kind of contact with the Norse gods, ideally Odin himself.

Sigils, getting inked unless you like and trust the spirit is a bit like ordering a bunch of mail order brides and signing a life-long pre-nup before you even meet them, in other words inviting spirits into a lifelong relationship, without knowing how they’re going to work with you - sigils have power, but it’s connected to the spirit itself, and they’re quirky little beings sometimes.

I recommend A.O. Spare’s method of sigilising intents if you want something complex, and also, get working on your Rune lore. :slight_smile: