Symbol Identity?

I’ve been trying to identify the middle symbol (the loopy M thing) on this for nearly 4 years now. Any help greatly appreciated.
Somebody said it was an autumn symbol but it isnt even close (unless I am mistaken?)

I found this thing and despite my research can’t figure out its origins. It could be nothing, but the astrological symbols it bears have led me to believe otherwise.
The other side of it has a wealth pentacle on it.

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The smaller symbol in the center, at the top looks like the planetary symbol for mercury to me.

The main symbol in the center I’m ignorant of, but it reminds me of King Paimons in a way.

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it’s mars (Scorpion) combined with mercury (top symbol), and the one which is exactly opposite to it, taurus, it think.
The lower symbol is a triangle / pyramid, symbol of divine maskulin. :wink:

Turning it around i also see similarity to

That’s what i got for you.



Hm :face_with_monocle: so not much luck yet huh. well thats okay, just means it’s a well kept secret to whoever made, a mystery to solve. I have considered that perhaps it’s some sort of monogram, but I don’t know how plausible that is,