Sword fight with abaddon from chaos to peace, embracing pain and sorrow

hello…sorry for not making posts for a while or atleast with the rate…
i have been making a 9 day house of anatel working
which it was very self enpowering,as i was killed and resserected my self
as i was destoryed and reborn…by my self in the eyes of the gatekeepers and the warlords of anatel
my solar plexus was corrupted and i remade it by my self
they gave me a curse…and rejected it becuase that was not my will
and no curse can control my destiny,i dunno allow this
i dunno allow parasites to come…as they came and did literally hours of astral fights and won
by trusting myself and daring my godhood
today was the day 4 of the 9…
i felt fear pain
and heared screams and flames
at night just moments before
i got the sigil of the house of anatel full of blood
and allowed my self to be pulled…
and here i was
in the abyss
i felt darkness and pain
heard whispers and screams
it was fearful…but a warrior has no fear…a king sees it differently
as i moved into the core of the abyss (which i had no idea of that existing)
the more pain and fear i got but when i became darkness and embrace and facing my fear
the bigger my power was…it felt amazing very enpowering…
then i had met abaddon…by a flash i was pulled into a stadium colleseum in the infernal empire
it has sits full of shadows with swords and i even saw lucifer at the highest sit
but here i was in the stadium
with an armor,with a sword
and here it was abaddon…heavy metal and swords and darkness and fire…
i had fire too,but once i embraced that the bigger i grew
i was fighting him eternally…without an end
but i stopped i put my sword into the ground…with respect both authority
i said abaddon…
and he stopped too
he said something but i dont quite remember…
we did a handshake
and he called me a brother and friend
then i was back here in earth and my room
but it was still the abyss and darkness in it he said
“you dont escape untill you know your lesson and be your light”

“tell me,what you had learn”

i told him…that respect is the greatest authority…that if you make peace with your self the enemy will remain silent…how to rise as power,which power comes only with great darings…how to be the light in abyss how to save myself,alone.that no one can control my journey without my permission

he then greeted me he gave me his crown and authority…then i was watcing the mirror and i saw legions behind me to hear my command and i saw 2 guardians with me

it was really interesting.


Nice adventure

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Would you mind sharing how to do the working…this seems interesting and a good challenge, I think I would like to perform it.

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Let’s pm
Trust me the working is no joke you just build yourself up from the darkness and you must literally astral entities that attack