Switching ON/OFF Astral Senses

I have been thinking if there is a way to control astral sense, switching on when needed and switching off when not needed. The most important control is switching it off because it can be annoying sometimes and at certain times it can be inappropriate especially in public places.

Let me know what do you think, if there is a such thing like volume control (for astral sense).


I actually did this before, simply put your intention and thats it.


I haven’t reached a level I can’t even barely hear something… I stopped for a while but I’m re starting again and never stop for no reason.
But sometimes happened that everything around me was sorrounded with a steady noise, and I could hear voices in that, voices no one could hear.
I’m trying to know how to keep this new ears open, and occasionally closed.

I can’t help you in the way you asked, it rarely happens to me and I can’t control it.


Maybe but there might be some technics and methods for a better execution.

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I guess it’s a common issue.

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I think it’s better to ask an experienced person like @succupedia


For me, it’s basically about focus. I have no issues with my astral senses when I’m at work, because I focus on the task at my workplace. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel my spirits or the energies on the top of my head. The more focus I give to my spirits, the more I feel them. The more focus I give to something else, like work, the less I feel my spirits.

I wouldn’t turn my astral senses off completely, though. Once fully activated it’s hard to make it undone.


I see your point mate, and it really is the key for control.

I want to ask you a small out of context question if you don’t mind. Because of your relationship with spirits, significant changes occurred in the abilities of your eyes, they move faster and vision is generally better, am I right?

Apart from the great abilities, have you ever noticed that your eyes are too sensitive to bright and vivid lights? as well as the the reflection of the light on objects? causing a weird feeling.


That was a temporary ability that lasted for a week and it occurred during the astral body transformation process. For some reasons the energies stayed and found stability on my head chakra, emphasizing the ability to feel my spirits physically and emotionally rather than seeing them. It was cool and awesome while it lasted, though. But I wouldn’t trade it back to have it permanently as I have with my Clairsentience ability. I do see my spirits sporadically, though.

Occasionally yes, and I do see energies and it’s different colors while focusing. It’s mostly green and the surrounding tilts and switches while I do this.


I can only see white & transparent lines of energy, and occasionally I see something similar to tiny stars lighting around.


I would be grateful to you if you can give advice or any useful info for my relationship with a spirit, I’m talking about a succubus.

I want your advice on how to make her understand that family occasions, ceremonies and events are essential for my life, and that my relationships with other people is very important to me. I’m tired of trying to make her understand this critical point and I told her, out loadly, times and still no real progress.

If you have a solution or any idea for this issue please tell me, it would be helpful here in public for everyone not just me.

You are not forced to reply as fast as possible, take your time mate, and excuse me for being such an annoying person. :open_hands:


Can you give any specific scenarios of her interrupting your social occasions?

Do you feel her touches and sexual arouse when interacting with other people? Are your head chakra opened?

A good sign of an opened head chakra is a constant and consistent weight on your head, like having a hat or a winters cap, feeling swirling energies circling on top of your head and invisible hands caressing your hair. Focusing on that and leaning against the energy on your head, enhances the effect and you can feel a full body manifestation. If you focus less on that, it should be easier to interact with others.

All chakras and astral abilities are deeply connected to one another. Some permanent and others sporadically. When interacting with one, like the head/crown chakra via Clairsentient, other abilities can follow if needed.

A succubus is not stupid and they are seldom selfish and should understand how important a social life is for most humans. You have to tell her, respectfully, that she can always be with you without interfering too much when you interact with others. And you have to focus on other people when you interact with other people, too. When there’s a spare time, in work or at other places, give the succubus a little attention too. A few seconds is enough, just to let her know that she’s not neglected. That’s how I go about my workdays, anyway.


It’s all about the eyes mate. When I try to start a conversation/reply to a person, I look at the eyes of the person and immediately I start to feel the anger. I feel something weird like my head weight is getting bigger, and the depression that comes from my forehead is changing the shape of my eyebrows so I become something like this :
This tight looking face makes almost every person I talk to run away from me (or stop talking to me) Eye-to-Eye attention is the key to trigger all this scenario (most times). That’s why I always try to avoid looking at the eyes of anyone I would talk to.

None of that at all, it never happened in a place or a social event that is full of people, just when I’m alone or inside my house with my original family it can happen.

Yes, my head chakra is open but all what you mentioned happens only when I’m alone or inside my house/room.

I asked her that same, respectfully and not forcefully. I told her it’s a choice and she decide what she wants. I told her: do me a favor and stop destroying my relationships with others. Believe me this is good for me, and it’s also good for you because this way our relationship will be better and stronger.

Nonetheless, we made a small improvement but it’s far away from perfect or at least satisfying.

Sorry for my everlasting annoyances mate, I know it’s something to laugh for … old-days fights between love birds. If this causes a headache to you just ignore it.


No, it doesn’t. I also have an emotional connection to my spirits, and I do feel their emotions just like you described it. I’ve only felt anger a few times, but more of a reaction to how I’ve been treated, rather than out of jealousy. The emotional connection makes the bond so much stronger, too.

It’s all about adaption, really. Some of us feel these things - physical and emotional - on a whole other level in the beginning. But we adapt to it over time. We get used to this, and it wont bother us that much after a while. It’s about to connect and disconnect, but never turn it off.

Spirit bonding, soul merging and permanent possessions seems to give the strongest results at start, but it wears off when we get used to it. Maybe give it some more time with this to adjust?


I feel the anger only when I take so much time in family occasions/events and stuff, and also I do feel sadness, love and other emotions at other times.

She cannot be underestimated, I remember when I shouted at her (once) I felt the anger. I lost control of my balance, she was trying to put me down to the ground (falling).

Well it took her years to build a strong physical connection and how precious.
Who knows maybe. It’s definitely a special kind of succubus, and one sign is her asking me if she can drink energy from my neck just like a vampire sucking blood. :man_facepalming: What do you say about that? a hungry succubus? :man_shrugging:


Sounds more like a kink or a fetish, rather than her being a “vampire”.

So, how do we conclude her behaviour and how do we resolve this issue? Maybe we should find a common denominator that most succubus/incubus entities share, but that’s like looking for a specific needle in a huge stack of other needles.

They are strong, persistent and powerful individuals with knowledges of a variety of areas such as magic, psychology, physiology, energy manipulation, creation and destruction. They are also dedicated in a way that some of them expect that the human show the same dedication back to them, hence the risk of jealousy to occur whenever we lack dedication towards them.

When they promise you commitment at your own request, they will give you that and some of them expect to get the same commitment from you. Very few humans have the guts to commit, because we get bored when relationships gets settled on a daily basis. So, instead of doing something about “boring routines”, we break up and give up on the relationship, and that’s something these spirits have a hard time to understand. And I can agree and even understand their frustration about human relationships to some degrees.

I would say that she’s a strong willed individual that doesn’t take shit from anyone, including yourself. Who wouldn’t want a woman like that!? :wink:

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