Sweetening Honey Jar Spell, how it went and what I did

Alright, last week I tried my first Honey Jar spell, just for the giggles and to see if that ‘stuff’ works.

Long story short, it does. Keep reading if you want to know what I did exactly.

I took my jar, an old one I had laying around for ages, cleaned it with water, and then used lavender smoke from the incense to cleanse it, I then put a handful of sugar at the base and let it rest while I wrote my petition.

As for my petition, I wrote the name of the target horizontally, then my name on top of it vertically as so to cross the name of my target with mine. Then I circled it with what I wanted ( in my case, affection passion and sincerity ), I kept writing those words down while trying best as I can not to lift the pen from the paper until the circle made of these continous 3 words was closed, I then rolled the paper towards me, and closed it with a ribbon.

I placed the petition in on top of the sugar, I added some cinnamon and said my intention for the cinnamon, then added some mint for our conversations to be as refreshing for us as the taste of mint, and I have pink roses in a vase of which I took a couple of petals and added them with the intention of strengthening the affection, I then added the honey and closed the jar.

I took a charged red candle ( intention charge ), and let it burn on top of it, since I noticed that the candle did not drop any wax and was burning smoothly, I dropped some wax from it on purpose to represent the sealing.

Put everything out under my bed, and 3 days later the target is more intrested and more talkative, a week later we’re talking 24/7.

Haven’t tried it on an ex, but rather on a new target. I reserved the stronger stuff ( that doesn’t seem to be working fast ) for the ex.

And from here, I lay my thanks to King Paimon, King Belial, Lord Lucifer & Asmodeus! Without forgetting Duke Sallos & Zepar ( even if he didn’t show up xd )