Sweeten up

What are you’re success stories with sweetening up spells on a specific person?

I’ve had luck with it. But it only started working after I was completely over him it’s funny how those kind of things work out. Even now, 4 Years later he constantly goes on about how much he loves me and tries to win me back .

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Yeah, same for me and some people, which I helped in the past.

It was barely impossible at that time. But when I was on an order in the past, one of few things that I learned there is to let things go.

It took me some time, but when I managed to do it, after a period she was crying and asking me to come back. The sad part is that I moved on, so I didn’t take her and she became maniac for a while. Today she is well again. It took me 1 year in total.

After that, I managed to bring another girl back into a relationship, but she became fucking depressed. It can be some collateral, but also it could be me because I changed a lot about having a relationship with her that time. So I healed her and let her go again, for good. But she talks to me until today, and with some level of care and love, so I can call it a huge success.

It’s common sense between magicians that the best thing you can do in order to make ANY magic works is to have the ability to let things go, to not care, to not lust about any results.

Not to have any blocks.

Indeed. Some people call it faith, others say that is a state of mind, but the fact is that when you’re completely sure of something, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. And that’s the point that any magician should reach in order to have success.

I had luck with an ex who I had been broken up with for 3 years. But it was temporary (probably due to me some other more intense work instead of letting it sweeten her up and work it’s magick) and she turned cold