Svarteboken of the Nordic Witch

Here I’ll be posting my personal stuff with my practice of Nordic and Sami Witchcraft/Shamanism, which will include but not limit to: rituals, YouTube videos about Nordic Witchcraft, personal stuff, music, etc. Consider it my little nook.


Amazing. We can not wait to read / view some good stuff.

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Awesome! Getting ready to start my journey with norse witchcraft and shamanism. Can’t wait to read what you post.



I’ll look forward to that. My dad is Scandinavian, but all I learned from him were the sagas…

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Oh! Im very excited for you! It’s very rewarding and very rich. Just for you, I’ll start with beginners material and I’ll tag you in the posts :slight_smile:

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That’s actually helpful, because when you learn the basics you’ll find little hidden gems from time to time in the sagas and eddas.


@Dragon_Crow looking forward to it! :+1::slightly_smiling_face::grinning:

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This will be a quick post to talk about the runes from my perspective. This doesn’t include every single detail and is very generalized, but gives the main idea. @DarknessRising

What are the Runes?
The runes are interesting for a handful of reasons. They are widely known for divination, but there are many ways to use runes and they stem past divination. Rune stems from Rún, which means secret or mystery.

Odin discovered their power as he hung for 9 days and nights on Yggdrasil, impaled by his spear, screaming.

Galdr is the practice of chanting the runes as well as the names of deities, in fact, the direct translation of Galdr is: chant, incantation. It’s one way of saying magick. In fact, chanting is often considered the heart of Norse Magick. The breath and spoken word is held as extremely sacred in Nordic society. Galdr-craft is what I recommend starting with.

It’s not necessarily required perse, but I strongly recommend meditating on each rune before using them, so you can connect with their energies and familiarize yourself with them, as well as unlock them on a subconscious level.

As well as reading the myths behind the runes and reading the rune poems left behind by the Ancestors. Meditation on the runes is symbolic of Odin’s sacrifice to himself for himself and for the power of the runes.

Disclaimer: I swear I had exactly what I was going to say in mind, but right when i got to it, I botched the wording, so some of this may not seem right, try asking me at a later date, I may know what I tried to say.

My personal definition of runes are ancient signs left by the shamans of old. They are pretty much the faces of forces found in nature and the psyche/conciousness and by extent, infinity/universe. They are aspects of self and the world around us. They’re like sigils in a way, except they have a conciousness behind them and have the energy and power of those who used them before us.

The many ways one can employ Runes

There are truthfully no right or wrong ways to utilize runes. There is the Galdr or chanting/singing/vibration of runes, which is what my Galdr-Craft consists of.

But many people carve them on wood and branches, metals, crystals, human and animal bones, rocks, the earth, it depends on what runes you’re trying to use and your intent in my opinion.

Like i said earlier, runes can indeed be used for divination, but they can also be talismans.

One can also use their saliva to draw runes on the palm of their hand. I often times will make Fehu in my left palm with saliva before a job interview or some form of meeting where finances are involved.
^there are many uses for that, some people use “elf-shots” eith that technique in Gand, which is Sami Sorcery, which i will hopefully get into in another post.




I’ve been doing a lot of release work lately. I also have a bearded dragon as a familiar, but I haven’t consecrated/did a ritual to connect deeper to him/her (it’s a baby, so it’s too early to tell it’s gender) yet. I also got him a week ago.

But what’s interesting is tbe same day I started my release work, I came home to him shedding his skin. It’s like regardless of not doing the ritual I had planned for him, we are already in perfect synch.

Regardless, I think I’ll name it Fafnir. Or maybe Fenrir. Dunno yet :slight_smile:


I did some more release work, found a white feather.