Surviving a false reality

Hello all , i just wanted to share my experiences and give thanks to many entities. I have been staying with my extremely Christian science extended family for vacation and thats all fine and dandy but ever since i stepped through thier door they claim " a non believer is in thier presence and bringing in negative energy" they have relentlessly been trying to “save” me. It has been very frustrating and they are constantly going through my things and even bringing in thier pastor to talk to me. I have been getting extremely bad vibes from them , but because of them i have been getting closer to my beliefs. I have been doing more meditating than ever before and more invoking and evoking. I just wanted to say thank you Lucifer and King Paimon for being my backbone. I have many times wanted to spout off to them but i know that would open up a can of worms that I’d rather not open. I leave today and I’m feeling great. Also this great forum has helped me too , finding tools and reading other peoples experiences has been awesome for me! Thank you to the people at BALG and my beloved entities.


Good for you! Lucifer and King Paimon are indeed awesome. :heart:


They truly are indeed!

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