Survey says!

Ok, so I am curious about evebodies meditation schedules. Me personally I meditate for about an hour a high before bed. I’m not sure what everyone else does. Do you meditate multiple times a day? Multiple hours a day? What’s your regiment?


At the moment about a hour 3 times a day. Usually half an hour in the morning and about an 0.5-1 Hour at midnight.

2 hrs before going to bed 2 hrs after waking up…a extra hour if im feeling anxious or sad

I dont meditate…I know I should would be a great time to start


I meditate 1 or 2 hours a day, but if I had good psychic senses, I would probably do it for much longer.


I used to do 1 hour in the morning and 1 in the evening after doing that for a year I can slip in and out now at will.

I find it has become very easy over time to dissociate from the mental processes. A lot of times I just do it while walking or on my lunch break at work, quite automatically. I don’t really need to dedicate hours of practice anymore.

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