Surtr Follows me Everywhere

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted here since I’ve been trying to improve but I still always have one question nagging at me.
In every scan I’ve had or aura reading, nearly everyone has been able to see Surtr around me. Sometimes, he’ll even block them from my energy even if I consent, unless he’s absolutely sure of their intentions first. I’m sure a lot of you guys are wondering; “Hey that’s great, you have a protector don’t you! Better than a spirit attacking you.”
Which is true, I appreciate him very much and I don’t want to get rid of him, even if I thought I could, lmao. I’m just wondering why me? Or why he is interested in me, but I can never contact him. Ever since I was a child, I’ve studied the Norse and grew up feeling a very particular pull to Iceland and Norway. Now as I study demonology more, every time I get particularly mad, or upset, I feel a “fire” burning up my arms, from my elbow going strongest to my hands. My palms become literal heaters, they get so hot. I’m sure that’s no coincidence either :roll_eyes: But I’ve never been successful in contacting him, which I find odd if he insists on being there for me. If anyone has tips for contacting him, or has a word from him to me, that’d be useful. Or even some tips to project myself to Muspelheim, that’s a goal for me but I’ve yet to master projection as well. If anyone else studies him or worked with him, it’d also be cool to hear about your experiences. Whenever I look him up I just get video games, or a small excerpt of mythology, which I already know, but there aren’t many posts or websites out there on working with him.

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When you leave your body during soul travel, visualise being directly outside of the Yggdrasil and ask Niddhoggr to help you find muspelheim but be advised, when you go to Muspelheim, you will be changed completely. It’s like a giant forge, if you’re not careful you could loose your form there.

Calling upon Surtr can also help, sing poems and build a space for him on your altar, allow him to communicate with you, give him the consent to talk to you

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