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I am a teenage boy deeply interested in magickal practices and the occult. The problem is that my parents (mom being a follower of Hinduism and dad being extremely scientific) refuse to allow me to do so. They believe in hardwork and think that I am going in the wrong direction, so they don’t give any financial help to buy occult or magick books or even tarot cards. But I really know what I am doing. Can everyone give their suggestions and alternative methods of practicing?
Thanks in advance✌🏻


First off introduce yourself here it’s a rule of the forum

Now with that being said follow this link it will teach you how to open spirit sigils, when you understand how to do so look up King Paimon and Belial sigils they both are good influencers and may both be able to help you in your situation


Get a job and buy that stuff yourself.


I feel you bud. My mom is extremely Christian and the last time I refused to pray or questioned god I got the beating of a life time. Still have a lil scar on the back of my thigh. Hopefully I will be moving out soon though. It’s hard to keep occultic things well… occultic when she’s so nosy.


Give me, give me, give me… you have a computer and an internet connection - you have more than many people in the world.

Funny how many people of Indian subcontinental background can practise magick very very effectively with nothing more than incense and you can’t. Bit odd that…

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Saddening to hear about such a violent parent.

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If your mum is a follower of Hinduism, she will not mind seeing you meditating to Lord Shiva or Durga or Kali, who can all help in your magical advancement.

Read and chant their mantras a lot to achieve a solution to you magic pathway x


It was hard. But Azazel stepped in a couple times and things got better. He had given her bruises where she bruised me.


You don’t get it friend… My dad literally can’t stand the belief in magick, he thinks it’s stupid. How am I supposed to do it then.

Why does what he think matters? It wouldn’t effect your chances whether he was heavily against or doesn’t believe in it at all, regardless you have the internet and can access this place, therefore some level of privacy, enough for pdf’s.


Really opened my eyes brother :slight_smile:

Well your father aswell as you are entitled to his opinion.
I believe in scienc i would be folkliga not to but i believe aswell that there is more.
As said earlier you dont need to buy lots of stuff, start meditating and use sigils that takes pen and paper and im sure you can get that.
And do t speak with your parents about your practices.
What they dont know(;

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Hey rin, sad to hear your story… how did you get going to practice magick then?

Nice idea dude :smile:

I guess it was just sort of something that came natural to me. I would try not to yet would still end up doing things that would be considered “witchcraft” by my mother’s standards. I’ve come to learn it’s not really about what you do outwardly, but what you do inwardly. It’s not about what tools or books you have, though they would be nice and I drool over everyone’s altars and new books, you can always find so many resources online. Not to mention there are so many wonderful people to ask for advice here on BALG and most of all… a lot of spirits/demons are understanding of being restricted and will come even without candles or beautiful altars. Their just one evocation away. All you need is some paper, their sigil, and their enn and they will teach you so so much. The entire universe is inside you. Once you realize that, you don’t necessarily need insense and candles and athames… even if they’re something we do covet heh.

Hope that makes sense.

Also I would recommend start with one being and learn all that you can from them before moving on quickly to the next. They have a lot to teach and you’ll need focus.


And If your mother is a hindu Why dont you mask you interest by studying different aspects of hinduism, that is only Looking i to your cultural backround then(;
Not sure how it works in your country but librarys had fairly good books when i started 18 years ago, combined with internet you have all info you can possible need.



A lot of great magic used to be done with nothing except whatever they had available at that moment, literally anything.

Magic wasn’t always done as a form of “showy” ceremony or separate from their lives like most people do it now, it used to be the case that it was the difference between living and dying, a successful hunt and being mauled by a boar, dying of a disease or becoming strong enough to survive.

One example being the slaves who used everything from newspaper’s, broken bottles, and whatever herbs they happened to get their hands on using it to survive.


Exactly. The simplest of things can be used. For me it’s sort of life and death heh. sort of. I would probably not have the option of college and likely be kicked out with no support. Maybe a bloody nose. So being discreet is everything. The only time when I’m really me is when I’m alone in my room sitting in the dark.


Just follow your instincts and inner desires about what you want to reach about the occult. If you have faith in you and in every thing you do, you will find a way soon. Researching and looking for advice is the best way to ascend. I am still on my path with Lady Lilith and I’ve learned a lot about her and her magick work. The key for get deep is believe in yourself… Just keep going and you will get what you really want… @MasterManiac

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100% agree! @rin

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