Supernatural experience I need help decoding

So a few years ago while I was a Christian, I was visited by a 9 foot tall shadow entity before surgery. I couldn’t move nor speak. It said that it had been attempting to kill me since I left my mother’s womb. I wasn’t shocked and I thought this could’ve been the reason I was attacked by a red eyed entity that came through my closet at 5 years old . I was thrown into the walls as I tried to run to my parents room. Fast forward to the night before surgery, once it left I was able to move and speak . I called my nurse to ask if anyone had visited me and she said the hospital had been closed to visitors for a couple hours . I finally fell asleep after a much needed sleeping pill and I dreamt a light filled being told me I was Definitely going to die but the ultimate choice was up to me. Needless to say , I died, they revived me , I remember looking down at my body and I also had a life review in which I decided to come back here. I always thought Satan was trying to kill me since studying the left hand path and other paths , maybe I drew false conclusions about these experiences. Just curious if anyone has insight or share a similar experience. Death isn’t always a negative thing maybe my request to die led to him saying this to me. My life was very hard and I did want to die a few times . I don’t know anything about guardians , gatekeepers and such nor do I understand why a entity would want to kill me. For a long time I told myself I was making this up. Now I definitely didn’t think I made it up. Any insight would help !


Interesting experience. People have the tendencies to see beings before they die. My grandma had a near death experience during a surgery, where she felt a loud “pop” in her head then was going down a tunnel really really fast and a light at the end was coming near. A voice kept telling her “its too soon for you to die its too soon” so then she shot backwards then woke up back in this world.

It could have possibly just been an angel of death or reaper or any collector of the dead. Instead you chose to live so he didn’t collect you.