Supercharge your third eye

Thought I’d share a couple of exercises that I’ve found to be particularly useful when applying the third eye and astral sight in more practical contexts, such as the manipulation of thoughts and events.
I’ll start of with the a method I use to boost the power of the third eye, which enables me to perform the second exercise far more effectively. The technique involves visualising a link between the heart and the third eye. When established, this energetic link allows the practitioner to make use of the heart’s electrical current to boost the power of the third eye; providing greater power than focusing on the brain alone.
I originally found this technique on a YouTube video ( I can’t remember the name of said video, though I imagine one or two of you may have seen it ).
The second exercise focuses on applying our newly established power to develop our ability to push thoughts, will, energetic bodies etc. from our minds, through the astral and into the physical world. Similar to to how you channel energy and will during a ritual, but, in terms of technique, it’s closer to remote viewing.
For this exercise, you’ll need a coin and somewhere peaceful enough to focus. Simply perform the first exercise and, once the link between the heart and third eye is established, focus on the coin with both your astral and physical sight, drawing power from your heart as you do so. Focus on the coin landing on a particular side eg heads and push that will through your third eye, in much the same way you would push your vision to a different location when performing remote viewing.
Once you have pushed your will to the coin and clearly visualised which side it will land on, flip the coin. This is an exercise I’ve only started recently, and it’s surprising how quickly your sight can start to weaken. Last time I did it, I got 6 heads in a row and a tails on the 7th. I find you can tell when you don’t have enough influence over the coin because, although you try to channel your will, your divination abilities will tell you that it’s not going to land on the side you want/you don’t have full control over it.