Super tired right now can’t sleep

My third eye is somewhat open
I’m curious as to what’s going to happen to me
Ounce I pass out or faint spiritually.
Am I more prone to die from lack of sleep because of my third eye being open an alright amount?
This is both a curious question and a serious question so I’m fine if you talk about what really could happen if I fainted from lack of lack of co2 from the brain!
I’m not the worry type but I do worry in a analytical way at times but this isn’t one of my analytical moments.
So express yourselves for I am chill when I’m tired.

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To give you an idea of how open my third eye is. I am an analytical I analyze everything I do
Outcomes etc which also means even when I’m super tired I’m still aware of my actions and words I do and say!
so am I more prone to dying from lack of sleep?

I think you’ll be just fine, don’t stress it. You’ll get tired and fall asleep eventually. Make yourself some chamomile tea if you have it, or drink some warm milk, it will help you fall asleep.