Super Blue Blood Moon

How are you guys going to harness this power ? What do you have planned for this trifecta of power coming up on the 31st ?

Edit: The last time this happened was in 1866 so don’t just gape outside ( do a little of that yes ) honestly do whatever you want :slight_smile: but make sure you put all that power and energy to good use


If my schedule doesnt fight me on it, Ritual evocation of lucifer on a mountain in my city to kick off things for the goetic workshop :japanese_ogre:


Nice :ok_hand:t3: I say go for it !


Oh i plan to lol gonna be an interesting year to say the least


Yesss, yes it is :wink:

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I plan on doing a strong love binding spell. A love that will always grow, that’s how I will harness this power :heart:


Fuck I wish I could be there :joy:

Have fun with that :smiley:

I plan to use the power of the moon to accelerate my studies in communication with spirits.
I plan to learn how to hear spirits audibly and externally Lucifer told me I got the potential to do it if I try hard enough.


Lol i got no clue what is gonna go down. Just that this year is lookin like it will potentially include ALOT of outdoor evocations and alot of potential opportunities for growth.

:face_with_monocle: the more i ponder how imma do this and how things seem to be unfolding it feels like im staking out physical territory for Lucifer all of the 72 in my city :rofl: its fuckin weird even by my standards but that seems to be the bar being set in my projects for the time being. :rofl:

:japanese_ogre: :japanese_goblin: MY infernal empire will rise :japanese_ogre: :japanese_goblin: seem to be the general idea i am getting. :rofl:
We’ll see how this goes lmao since its goin hand in hand with my work on the path of smoke.


Is it weird how whenever I see this emoji I think of an erect penis ?

On a more serious note

I second this, get out there and manifest for yourself all the things you need to build your empire. If you want I can be your hype man and motivate you to get those goals done :slight_smile:


Im not certain but i think King paimon may have taken that job lmao :face_with_monocle: alot of syncronicty started cropping up then i was gettin books thrown at my head through youtube along with his sigil running threw my field of vison like a camera flash when i asked whats up with all the books. Its was fucking wierd and badass at the same time.


When these events take place, i typically grab a few good conductors of mine such as jewelry, coins, my altar tools, etc, and leave them outside all night or near the window to hold the energy, then i place them all in a plastic bag upon awaking for whenever i need to use it :ok_hand:


bout time this thread popped up!

i plan on using this moon to become obscenely wealthy.


Find yourself some quartz, also copper and silver coins to add to your repertoire


Hmm and pray tell kind sir what are you going to do to manifest this

( Me being curious here as to what ritual you plan to do )

no plans yet, but its a few days off. i still got time to plan.

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or maybe i’ll use it to forge an empire and get super rich as a result of such action


A couple plans of mine:

  • Gain power/energy
  • If my child entity isn’t ready by then, then make sure they get loads of that good moon energy >:} :heart:
  • Try to focus on raising the supernatural activity in my snobbish small town :japanese_ogre:



I dont have those in coins but my offering bowl is copper plus i have silver and gold jewelry, good conductors.


Oh that’s a good choice there, have you ever placed an offering of blood in it ?


Also curious to this and if any interesting effects are noticed during rituals with it.

Found a few copper cups floating around here but no bowls yet.