Sun offerring

Just to make sure I am not too off base here I thought I would ask. I am doing a Sun offering. So I put out 3 orange candles, I cut an orange into 3 pieces, I put out 7 Marigolds, I drew the appropriate symbols, wrote the divine name, and finally put some cinnamon essential oil into a diffuser (I also added some Frankincense too) and called it good. (I generally follow these guys correspondences with planets,
Do I need to shut it down before sunset, is that correct. Does the Sun just prefer magick done during daylight hours or does that extend to offerings to. I need the help, I don’t want to irritate him by being stupid.
Is there a rule I should follow on this? Or maybe just a best practice?

You can work with the sun any time of day or night, though daylight is generally preferred simply for ease of connection. However, the planetary hours do extend into nighttime so you can still work with the sun during that time.


Thank you. No need to shut it down then, I will just allow the candles to burn out.

I am new at this, does the offering seem OK, or did I make mistakes. For instance, instead of cutting one orange into 3 pieces should I have used 3 oranges. I assume the intention to pay him so respect goes a long ways, but if I am going to do it I might as well get it right.

Offering are hard to figure out, some people seem to eat the food they put out and others think this is a bad idea. One big author on magick said offerings could be as simple as putting out a cup of coffee in the morning, or even just pouring out some of the coffee in your own cup and telling whatever spirits are around that the poured out coffee was for them.
I read a pretty good post on BALG, so I think I am OK.

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Offerings are dependant on the paradigm you are working in. Some gods prefer that the magician eat the food offering so they can share the experience together (the Norse gods, for example, like this) Others get offended if the magician eats any offerings set out for them (the LWA of Voudon can be like this, or so I’ve heard).

If in doubt, simply set the offerings aside unless the spirit lets you know otherwise.