Hey its me again so i want to do a jinn/djinn summoning tonight but i only have a mirror and black maker pen how would i go about it.

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You can use Corwin Hargrove’s Practical Jinn Magic


Does it work cause am a bit skeptikal about it.

You can search this forum there are many success stories and you never know what doesn’t work for others might work for you
You will never know unless you try it


I’ll try it

You can draw the sigil of a jinn with the pen, then call the spirit and have him appear in the mirror. The way to look at a sigil (in order to “open” it) and in a mirror is the same: relax you eyes, either pretend to look through or pull your vision back, almost like there was a panel of glass between you and the sigil or mirror. The effect may be that typically in some minutes the sigil “flashes” and in the mirror appears a white fog.