Summoning the moon

What is summoning the moon? A spirit I’m working with told me that’s something I should do but I have no idea what that is I already searched on here and found nothing any advice y’all?

I’ve never heard of summoning the moon, maybe this is what the spirit was referring to:


I believe that what the spirit is saying is quite literal. Energies can be personified as a way to interact with them. Doing so with the moon could, perhaps, allow you to more efficiently work with it.


One the possible things to do is choosing a method of sigilization then draw “Moon” 's sigil, ideally in silver color (on a dark background for better visibility), I believe however that one may already be found in Agrippa’s Occult Philosophy.

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Well, there’s many personifications of the moon, such as Selene in Hellenism and Luna in Roman Paganism.

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Start reading into planetary magic, the moon has characteristics and an energy of its own that you can bring into your life. You can call upon moon deities and spirits to help you with that, they can be helpful guides but aren’t completely necessary. You can start by just going outside on a clear night, and focus on the moon until you can form a clear picture of it in your mind, and meditate on that. Once you can do that well, you can use that skill to bring the moon (or other astrological bodies) with you to somewhere else, like inside where it’s warmer because it’s winter where I live.


Most likely referencing personifying the planetary energy of the moon, so evoking it like how people do various planets.

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I would say it is time for you to go read up on various lunar deities, think about the commonalities of their sphere of influence are, and start calling them up.

Or perhaps it is time for you to look into the various other entities associated with the moon and call up one of them.

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Selene is believed to personify the moon as well and in some greek practice (correct me if I’m wrong @Anassa ) there were people who would draw down the moon/Selene in their practice.


If an entity was telling me to summon the moon, I would think straight away to literally summon the moon.


No other entities, no lunar deities, no weird ceremonies. Just pick a book about planetary magic and go from there.
I prefer the seals from Jason Miller’s Advanced Planetary Magic, because they’re not connected with any specific entity, deity or angel. They represent the planet in such a direct way, that you can use these seals either alone or along with literally any pantheon/entity.


Call on an entity asscoaited with the Moon to help you. You do not want to invoke the negative side of the moon.