Summoning the King Paimon

I wanted to share my experience. few hours back i did evocation of King paimon and during evocation what i felt, that i wanted to share with you all. First i tried to draw king paimons sigil on paper, but somehow it didnt came out well so i googled king paimons sigil and downloaded it on my ipad. Next i burnt some incense and kept water in pot infront of me. the sigil was circle less and with no background to it. I opened up the sigil on ipad and started gazing at it and i was chanting king paimons enn. The sigil started to appear in 3d as it is floating and seems like wavy at some point. surprisingly this sigil floating is happening to me for the first time and i had not took much time to reach this state this time. further i didnt know what to do so i asked King paimon please let me see you and i was keep chanting his enn. I dont know how this happen but a figure appeared on ipad screen with white background and black borders. i saw a nice hood and eyes very clearly. At this point i was looking and the figure but dont know where do that sigil disappeared. I stated king paimon what i want from him and the time frame till which i want it to be done. after that i closed my eyes to thank the king paimon and everything comes to normal state. I didnt hear any voice though. i closed that ipad and kept water aside. I am happy with this evocation. Thats what i wanted to share with you all.


Congrats, your summoning was successful and you sound positive too which is important.

I should state though that you shouldn’t use time frames for your requests for two reasons. First of all, time frames may block the way your reuqest can be manifested and also, because spirits sometimes know better when the right time is. King Paimon says that sometimes to me as well.


Thanks Manosman i will surely take care of time frame things onward.


I have to disagree with what @Manosman said about time frames. Sometimes, time frames are necessary, otherwise you will have no way to gauge the success of your spell, especially if you are spelling for something that has a good chance of happening anyway. Without one, you’ll never know whether the result came about by your magick or simply by coincidence.

With that said, however, be careful when setting a time frame, People always seem to have ridiculous expectations about what magick can accomplish thanks to Hollywood, like going from zero to millionaire in a few weeks or even a few months.

I almost always set time frames for my results, but I usually give a few weeks, depending on the result I want. I’ve never had any problems and I have found it helps with gauging my success or failure. And yes, I have used time frames with King Paimon without issue. The only time I don’t use them is if I am looking for an ongoing result rather than a one off, like if I have a show coming up and want to draw an audience.


yes i did set a time frame of a week keeping in mind thing i will be doing after that.


The main reason you set a time frame is because demons have been known to drag things out if they are given free reign to fulfill the task whenever they feel like it. They don’t see time as we do so what may be urgent to you will not be urgent to them. Just make sure the time frame is reasonable for what you are trying to accomplish, though. Demons are powerful, but there are limits even to what they can accomplish in a crunch. it depends greatly on the variables involved.

As an example, I wanted Belial to bind my landlord so I wouldn’t be evicted and become homeless but he wasn’t able to do it because I had waited too long before calling him and the decision had already been made to evict. It was impossible in the time frame I had set. If I had asked him much sooner, he most likely would have been successful.

Also, keep in mind that if your task is not completed in the time frame you set, there is nothing wrong with calling up the spirit and asking why. Perhaps there were unknown obstacles that required more time to overcome but the spirit is still working on it, in which case you can decide to continue or not. I have asked for status reports for long range goals before, but just be sure not to hassle the spirit constantly. Otherwise you are drawing him away from his work.

Congratulations on your success with King Paimon, and I hope the mighty king is able to fulfill what you asked of him. He is great and very popular on this forum. Hail King Paimon!


It’s true that sometimes time frames are needed. However, some spirits have told me that they don’t like for others to tell them the time you want it to manifest. But as I said, trust the spirits you work with. I’m just saying that many times there may be obstacles and stuff that make the time frame a bit unrealistic (as stated above). Especially with King Paimon who is a strategist and wants to do things his way in order to maximise your success. But you should also ask the spirit about it.


Hi i need to talk to you it is very important

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U know your so lucky and your respectful thisway king piamon not any noisy because king piamon more loving respectful and intelligent more then our thinking

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