Summoning The Devil

Here’s a nice ritual for my Female Mages of Any Path but especially the Light Based (and White) ones whove been wanting to work with Satan but aren’t sure how. :grin:

Wait till night.

Draw a Inverted Pentagram in your room on the floor with 5 Black Candles, one for each point, and light them.

Vibrate VI DIABOLI 5 Times and feel the smell (yes, feel the smell) of Sulfur and Brimstone enter the temple.

Once you feel the Devil enter the room, leave and go to sleep but hang your booty slightly over the bed while you sleep.

And then sleep.

If you feel something eating your ass like it’s groceries then you have succeeded.

Tips To Enchances The Ritual

• Sexy Lingerie (Red & Black)
• Perfume
• Rap Music
• Touch Yourself and Think Dirty Thoughts
• Be A Hoe for at least 6 Days prior
• Hold a cross to your chest while doing so
• Burn a Bible


I am exhausted from a rite i just did with Satan and needed to Banish with laughter. As with all things, there is Truth hidden in the Lie/Joke. I’ll let y’all figure that out :smiling_imp:

And whats funny is there will always be that one Woman that will try it :smirk:

The Devil :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I am dying, I woke up the neighbors LOL

The whole summoning is genius :clap:t2:




Lmao, thanks for that, @Micah. :laughing:

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How tempting, even wanted to experience :-)))))))

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I’ve got quite a collection of Hoe’s and most people are envious of me. Not sure if I would want to be one for 6 days. A mouthful of weeds and cat shit is not my idea of fun.

Here’s one of them :sunglasses:



Micah, were have you been? :slight_smile:

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All I could think of was this lol


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: wtf bro

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I think ill try it as a male :upside_down_face::smiling_imp::fire:

Ah! I forgot to mention…
The Ritual is specifically designed to backfire and not work for males :grin:

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I guess we will see🤷🏼‍♂️

I’m still going to try it LOL

Micah you are in trouble now fool :rofl:

Oooooweeee! Look at all these juicy souls about to come in!
Rubs Hands

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They will come, it is very tempting offer :smile:

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