Summoning Satan or YHVH - is it even possible?

I’m curious about evocating or summoning to physical presence these two entities. I’ve read posts about summoning Goetia and non-Goetia spirits, egyptian or nordic gods, dead people souls, planetary spirits, but I wonder if the advanced black magician (like E.A. Koetting IMAO) would be able to summon Satan or YHVH to our reality? Or other entities related to them like Baphometh (Satan’s) or Christ (YHVH’s).

Um…yes. EA Koetting has summoned Satan many times, as have several people on this forum. In fact, BALG just released their Satan Compendium as part of the Gatekeeper series. Why wouldn’t a magician be able to summon him? There is nothing special about him. He is a spirit like any other.

I’m not sure if anyone here has evoked Yahweh because most aren’t interested in him, but it is possible. Again, he is a spirit like any other. If you can evoke Zeus, you can evoke Yahweh.

Both Baphomet and Jesus Christ have been evoked by people on this forum. Have you tried using the search function? There are several threads describing people’s experiences with these spirits.

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Well by summoning into reality do you mean literally? because if so no. However, people have many a time evoked these entities through physical outputs like candle fire/smoke, incense smoke, vape smoke, a wood fire, etc.

Yes you can evoke YHWH. It’s hard for some people to picture him since the books in the bible reject all images of him, but when Judaism was still more Pagan it seems they did have such depictions of him, one of the possible depictions being the first image given here:

There are also other statues that were found that probably depicted him before the reformation of the faith.
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Jesus in my opinion has never worshipped Yahweh but they might know each other definitely

It’s possible to call Yahweh or Satan, I’ve worked with both, individually

You can try prayer

Praying is something that was part of my live, but I couldn’t get any contact. For almost 10 years I have been atheist, then was few months period of satanist (mostly inspired by Joy of Satan sources), but now I categorize myself somewhere between occultist and black magician.

That’s a Nazi website I think, I wouldn’t listen to them

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I know it now. I got sick of reading all of these nazi and anti-judaism parts. Also the idea of mixing goetic spirits and ancient egyptian and greece deities is wrong. From now I know it, but few months ago I was excited all of this new things. I thought “That was I was looking for long time”.

But that was the only “avalaible” source about theistic satanism. Most of them like Lavey’s books are atheistic. I met a person that was talking about some rituals and blood pacts in theistic satanism, but he said that they keep most of them in secret. So it’s hard to find some good information about this. I would also dream about knowing about Golden Dawn rituals.

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Not true. There’s Dianne Vera’s site (if that’s her name, its been so long, ill hunt it down)

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Thank you. I check this out.

I found this invocation with sigil:

Would be apropriate for summoning “Light” spirits like JC or YHVH ?

ive never seen that sigil so i dont know, Ive always contacted Jesus through prayer and yahweh once as well through prayer