Summoning Prince Seere

Has anyone evoked/summoned Prince Seere? What was your experience? How did you summon him?

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I have summoned him. He was quite easy to work with. When i was immersing myself in him he came to me in cloud formation one day. i actually took a picture of it. He came through with his end of the deal for me with flying colors. For me he come dressed with greenish middle eastern style patterned robes with a turban like cloth on his head and long beautiful hair. absolutely gorgeous. he looked like a 6 foot 2 hot tanned brazilian male model with sun kissed sandy blond hair. on a black winged horse.


Very interesting! In what way did you summon him? Did you utilize the Grimoire and different tools/candles/circle/etc.? Or did you “remix” the conjuring in your own comfortable way? Or a little of both? I’m new to this and thought that summoning Prince Seere would be a good start for me. Can I ask what did you ask/commanded of him? #abitexcited!

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well i didnt just summon him. for about a week prior i immersed myself in him by thinking about him. saying his name. letting visuals of him take over my “daydreaming” sessions consistently. i would also scry in my black mirror to see him and bring his presence into the room. what i would feel is a knowing that he is there also my heart rate would speed up for some reason. its always good to establish a foundation with the entity so you know them well and they know you well. by the end of that week i knew how witty he was. he comes up with smart fast responses. he loves to smile. he is excited to help and offer his assistance. so when i summoned him i did an evocation loosely based to that of evoking eternity. and what i asked or commanded of him i rather not speak of at this time. it falls along the lines that i needed something brought to me and fast. He brought it to me.

oh yea and i used two white candles, and his sigil. thats it. the invocation of omnipotence the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram came next, which created the circle for you. i then meditated for a lil bit then i focused my attention on his sigil and called him forth which was easy since i been practicing calling him forth all week. i sent my intention inside of the sigil. then spoke outloud what i wanted. he nodded, and i sent him on his way


You have helped me out tremendously. Thank you very much! Have you summoned anyone else? What were that like? What was your experience?

well yes i have. it depends really. some are scary like belial. he was the first entity i ever evoked. I knew he was powerful and i needed power. honestly i was intimidated and afraid of him. his energy was so evil and hellish.he knew my fear but never used it against me which is something i will always respect him for. he is like a demonic father figure.the second night i immersed myself in him. (mind you this is my first evocation. im on a few weeks vacation back home at my parents in my room ( fyi, i think childhood rooms are very powerful vortexes) and im reading evoking eternity for the first time going along with what is required) he came to me in a dream. i was laying on my bed and i couldnt move. i see this large blob floating in my face that looked like a brain with two faces on it and a crown type thing on its head with a floating chain(weeks later i was to find out that was dantalion by looking through the goetia. i was in shock when i saw his illustration matched my dream) the floating brain thing moved to the right of me out of my view and i see a figure standing at the foot of my bed. i instantly realized the situation and began speaking what i needed to belial, but i couldnt get the words out because i was running out of breath and then i felt this large hand, claws and all touch my left shoulder and i woke up in devastation feeling violated and touched by evil. i felt like crying. i went to my friends house in the morning who is also a magickal person and i told her the story and she was like what are you talking about? why do you feel violated? belial touched you. thats like him saying i have your back. i was like OMG…you are right! later the night i was online looking up more belial things immersing myself in him and i read from someone that a sign of belial during an evocation is feeling his hand on the left shoulder and i fell to the floor! i was like OMG…i experienced this before i read it. this was confirming to me the reality of all this. magick had never got more real than this. everything i had done to this point was play play. this is the real deal. and with that came fear. i am over that fear now. i feel like that is a kind of death and rebirth (which i felt with my first invocation of omnipotence during this evocation, which i have yet been able to duplicate in strength and force i felt going through me.) I then memorized the incantation from evoking eternity which goes along the lines of “lirak tasa vefa welk belial” the spelling is wrong but thats what it sounds like. and i would repeat that outloud and in my head over and over and i would feel out my room and i could feel him on the outsides of my walls waiting to come in. and even though there was a sense of fear i relished in the power. i would hear bangs and knocks when thinking about him or saying his name. on the day of the evocation i prepared my altar and hour before hand to let the energies marinade. the minute i got in to the vibe of the beginnings of the evocation the room got immensely hot. my forehead began sweating. i had to take my shirt off and perform the evocation with just my underwear on. i lit the candles and performed the invocation of omnipotence and at first it was a struggle and i was fearing failure but i knew belial was in the house. I was closed up. i needed to be receptive to this energy but didnt know how to open it on the spot with some pressure to perform. then it came to me. this voice said “you open up for sex why cant you open up for this?” it then hit me. i knew what to do. that energy punched through the top my head and my body felt like every nerve ending on my body was electrified. i knew i had invoked omnipotence through my body and was now ready to evoke belial. i consecrated all my items, the triangle, the cirlce, then i called belial forward by the way this was not an evocation by smoke. this was an astral or second sight energy viewing one because i didnt want my parents smelling any incense or asking me questions about smoke… when i called him forth which took up most of the evocation time, this mass of tall dark energy was hovering over the triangle which i never directly viewed. i focused on the triangle on the floor and saw the energy above it. if i look directly at it i loose the visual till i look back down at the triangle. i told him what i needed which he already knew and i sent him on his way. he came through with his end of the deal the minute i began putting intent in the real world. i didnt have to do too much it basically fell on my lap. With me he is caring and to me he is like a demonic father and he is consistent and gives good blunt advice. and no, i no longer fear him. during that time i was fast tracking evoking eternity, new to the thing with only wicca under my belt working in real time for those chapters leading up to page 84.


I’m really glad you commented here. This is my 1st time doing this with only basic candle/sigil/oil/herbal magick under my belt. I am more than intrigued by this path I think b/c it’s been “calling me” since childhood. However, religion & other false programming & social toxins kept me away until the last couple of years. I asked you these questions due to the concern for the safety of my family… ya know… being a mom & wife & all…lol. My husband was actually the one that introduced me to the left-hand path & I’ve been studying & reading works by great authors like E. A. Koetting, Michael W. Ford, & Thomas Karlsson. Thank you again for sharing your experience! #darkestblessings

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@Willow Rosenberg…

“For Belial Is Guide To The Soul Of The Chosen Witchkin”

Mark Alan Smith \ From “The Scorpion God”.

I love that statement…


hmm.where would i be able to find that book?

Belial… The first time I evoked him I had a similar experience except when I asked him to imbue his powers in the chalice I became very ill. He is intimidating he is scary and his hands and claws are huge. But he also gives help to those who earnestly seek it and provides guidance. Thank you for sharing your experience Willow.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww your welcome!

Hail Prince Seere

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I am new at this. And I have not"seen" anything that I can discern as of yet. but i do know that I believe that he works in my favor. and i feel like I trust him and i want to get to a level where I can communicate in an easy way with this Awesome Prince! so I like the number 3. so i say his enn 3 times and i look or think of the sigil. then i just start talking to him. i invite him to stay with me if he likes. but I do let him know that i am ending the prayer, thank him and release him if he is ready to go.
All in all i have alot to learn. i am asking Prince Seere to reveal to me the things he likes and are interested in so I can present proper offerings. i have put a drop of my blood on his sigil.:grimacing:

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